Shoe For Thought – Sam Edelman Beaded Wedges

I guess I’m your typical woman, in that I love shoes. Where I diverge from the majority of the pack is my view that footwear is art, adornment for your feet, jewelry for your toes. An amazing pair of shoes can elevate an ensemble, create conversations, be a statement piece and inspire entire outfits. They are the ultimate accessory. I am always on the lookout for unique, bold shoes. In this section of my blog, “Shoe for Thought”, I am sharing my own eclectic collection, as well as other funky footwear I come across on the street or while traveling. Shoes tell tales. Their origins, the path they have traveled and the person whose feet they adorn are all worthy of a little “thought”.

I’ll start with sharing this stunning pair of beaded wedges from Sam Edelman. I bought these many years ago at Macy’s and I paid full price for them, which I rarely do. I could not leave the store without them.

Sam Edelman JAYLA Beaded Wedges
Sam Edelman JAYLA Beaded Wedges

I love the vibrant colors, the extensive beading and intricate design. They really spoke to me because of their ethnic flair. They evoke the brilliance of so many different places like Brazil, Tanzania or Mexico. The wood bottom is a grounding element to the heavy detail on the top.



Whether I am traveling or dreaming of my next destination, these shoes are great inspiration. Thoughts?

4 thoughts on “Shoe For Thought – Sam Edelman Beaded Wedges

  1. love ur blog! follow me back & like my fb website Ja’dore By Design & please follow me on twitter at @BrittanyDobbins 🙂

    1. Jadorebydesign Thank you for checking out my blog and for following. I hope you’ll enjoy my posts. It’s great to connect with a fellow fashion lover! All the best with your blog!

  2. These are awesome! I just found a pair at a resale shop down the street and looked them up online and found your post. Do you recall what you paid for them originally ? I’m trying to price them for re-selling. I’d keep them but they aren’t my size 😦

    All my best, DM

    1. Sorry I was away for the weekend with no internet access. They were $99 at Macy’s when I bought them about 7 or 8 years ago. Hope that helps. Thanks.

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