My sister has always made jewelry as a creative outlet and in January 2011, we decided to join forces and create our own jewelry line.  I had started my own business a few years earlier, selling jewelry and accessories from different parts of the world and it seemed a natural extension that we create a handmade line of our own, aptly named, Sistas Jewelry.

Our line is inspired by the love my sister and I have for all things beautiful and unique.  We have always been enamored with other cultures, the way they adorn themselves, their traditions and their artistry. We gather inspiration from travel, music, objects, books and our hearts’ desires.  We use beads from different parts of the world, found objects, antique pieces, gemstones, handcrafted beads, bold centerpieces and intricate clasps to create one of a kind jewelry.

Below is the very first piece I made.  I had envisioned something bold, bright, fierce and reminiscent of my dear Africa. I was really proud of how it came out and we used it in a lot of promotional material.

“WARRIOR” Stone & Spike Necklace from Sistas Jewelry
Photo by Louis Cuthbert Photography


We ended up gifting it to Kimberly Caldwell at the 2012 Grammys Hard Rock “Shangri La of Luxury” Style Lounge.  It looks great on her and I was glad to see her have it.

Kimberly Caldwell wearing “Warrior” Necklace from Sistas Jewelry
2012 Grammys Hard Rock “Shangri La of Luxury” Style Lounge


We’ve since created hundreds of new pieces and each one is unique.  We are working on a “Tribal Summer Collection” which we’ll debut in a few months.  In the meantime, I invite you to check out our shop, www.sistasjewelry.etsy.com.

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