Bold Blooms

Over the years my closet has evolved into a rainbow of colors, patterns and textures.  The more I traveled, I was struck how in the most desolate locations, whether a desert or a remote outpost, women of the world are not afraid of color.  Maybe it’s to brighten the spirits of their barren surroundings or a way of honoring their ancestors and tradition through their garb and adornments.  Driving in India, we saw camels and dry earth sprinkled with the most brilliant shades of persimmon, hot pink, jungle green and golden yellows!  It was the women, in their stunning saris.  Some are trimmed with sparkly beadwork or embroidered details, but mostly they are just simple fabrics in the most brilliant hues.

In the U.S., we tend to be afraid of color, being bold and standing out.  I love the accessories and layering of jewels in India, the bold patterns and wild beading of Africa, and the intricate textiles of Central America.  They all have in common an honoring of color and the brilliance of the wearer.  It is a testament to the global woman to be bold, honoring her beauty and relishing her adornments.  This outfit I wore on Saturday is inspired by these women and their fearlessness in fashion.








Outfit Details:

Both tops & handbag: Target

Slacks: Marshall’s

Shoes: Qupid

Earrings: Forever 21

Mixed Bangles: From India & Jcp

3 thoughts on “Bold Blooms

  1. Blue & Pink! Love the combination of the colors. Specially love your heels! 🙂 You look beautiful!

    1. Thank you so much! It is a bold color combination but I say “be bold”! Life is short. Have fun with clothes and accessories!

      1. So true. I totally agree with you – have fun with it. 🙂

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