Striking Summer

It was a unseasonably hot day here in Southern California on Saturday and we spent the entire day at an outdoor birthday party, which called for a comfortable, flowy dress and open, breathable sandals.  I love bold colors and prints and dressing with the inspiration of faraway places. This ensemble hit all those marks and definitely stood out from the crowd.  Inspired by the tribal zig zag print of the dress, I paired it with flat, tribal geometric print sandals, good for standing and mingling hours on end.  I hesitated wearing a necklace with this dress but the solid color and striking shape of this spiked collar necklace worked beautifully, as if it was part of the dress.  The bracelets are actually a long necklace wrapped over several times – a great way to make your jewelry versatile. I also pulled the colors of the dress into my makeup, using a cobalt blue and a turquoise liner. Finished off with a bright pop of orange in the small handbag.  In this outfit, you could drop me in any country to party the night away.








Outfit Details:

Dress & Handbag: Ross

Sandals: Target

Earrings, Necklace and Necklace worn as a bracelet: IAMSHEGLOBAL

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