Feel Good – Nubian Heritage Soaps

My mom has been a masseuse and healer for many years, so I grew up using essential oils to heal scrapes, relieve stress and ease aching muscles.  To this day, I try to use natural oils for my body, from my sugar scrubs to my lotion.  Today, I wanted to share with you one my favorite products that I fell in love with a few years ago.  Nubian Heritage Soaps are the most delicious soaps made from all natural ingredients and essential oils.  They come in 13 different flavors, all of which are divine and I always find it difficult to choose which one I want to use.  They are rich and moisturizing from the oils used and the natural ingredients like cranberries and orange peel act as exfoliants, leaving your skin super soft.

The combinations like lemongrass & tea tree with orange peel, coconut and papaya, olive and green tea and goat’s milk and chai are so scrumptious you may want to eat them rather than bathe with them.  They even have a Ivorian Cocoa Butter that smells just like chocolate!


You can not go wrong with any of these flavors.  If I have to choose one as my favorite, it’s the Carrot & Pomegranate with Cranberries! With that combination, I needn’t say more!

Nutrient-rich carrot seed oil, ground pomegranate and cranberry seeds are blended into our moisturizing carrot & pomegranate shea butter-based soap. Vitamins A, E, and F, minerals, moisturizers and anti-inflammatory Calendula extract feed the skin, clear pores, improve skin tone, and help rejuvenate mature and dull skin. Calendula extract’s powerful anti-inflammatory properties help subdue and alleviate skin irritation.
These soaps are wonderful way to treat yourself and make a great pampering gift! They can be purchased at Whole Foods or on VitaminShoppe.com.  Enjoy your week ahead and be sure to do something for yourself to feel good!

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