Exotic Holiday Collection – Sistas Jewelry

Imagine spending the holidays under the sparkling lights of the Eiffel Tower or dancing in a desert oasis as you ring in the new year.  Whether you travel to the other side of the globe or celebrate at home, you can have an exotic holiday!

My sister and I were inspired by the glamour of far away lands, the rich colors, unique materials and bold designs.  We created our Exotic Holiday Collection using the globetrotting goddess as our muse.  Sparkle with an edge.  Color with warmth.  Making a statement while arising intrigue.  Our shop has hundreds of one-of-kind global inspired pieces and we want to you to wear them and shine this holiday season!

Below are just a few pieces from our Exotic Holiday Collection, available in our online shop, www.sistasjewelry.etsy.com.  Through December 15th, we are offering 50% off all items in our shop to make way for our 2014 collections.  Use coupon code: YEAREND50 at checkout! We appreciate your support of our creativity and wish you a magical holiday season!


4 thoughts on “Exotic Holiday Collection – Sistas Jewelry

  1. What an amazing jewelry! It’s really exotic.

    1. Thank you so much! We take global inspiration in all the pieces we create!

  2. Love the “Free Spirit” deel to the pieces! 🙂
    AurumEve.com ~ Global Jewelry

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