California All Star

I am an Angeleno, born and raised and as much as I travel the world, I can’t imagine coming home to anywhere else. I loved the classic baseball style of this shirt but the graphic “California All Star” and “Cali Life” quotes are what sold me.  With so many transplants in Los Angeles, its hard to find a true “California All Star”. Look no further, I’m representing my hometown.








Outfit Details:

Shirt & Bracelet: Downtown L.A.

Pants: Macy’s

Sweater: Last Chance, Phx, AZ

Boots: AMI Club Wear

Bag: Forever 21

Beanie: Abercrombie & Fitch

5 thoughts on “California All Star

  1. Perfect hat _< Fantastic stud bracelet and amazing boots, also!

    – Anna

    1. Ooh, my comment got cut off. I guess it didn’t like my ascii angry face. Haha. The rest of it should say: “Perfect hat! I love the color. This just reminds me that I really need better winter hats.” (followed by failed ascii face heh)

      1. I love the pop of red that this hat brings. I love hats and always buy them off season, on clearance for a few bucks. That way I can have more options without breaking the bank!

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