Animal Style

When I said I rock animal print with wild abandon, I meant it.  Maybe it’s my love of Africa, or being named after a woman who spoke to animals, but I just can’t quit my love affair with animal inspired prints and jewelry. I lean towards classic leopard print but I am not mad at other animals that want to join the party. These pants are a mix of animal prints, ready for any Serengeti soiree.

In honor of my lioness within, I handmade this necklace for myself using a carved bone centerpiece filled with lions and batik tribal beads from Kenya (a place which holds another piece of my heart).

I am the Queen of the Jungle and I own it.

IMG_5755     IMG_5770






Outfit Details:

Shirt & Blazer: Target

Pants: 2B Bebe (Outlet)

Shoes: Nine West (Thrifted at Goodwill)

Bracelets: Bone bangles from India, Zebra Striped bangles from IAMSHEGLOBAL

Necklace & Earrings: Handmade by me (more of my creations can be found at


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