Flirting With Florals

I love the look of mixed prints in fashion but it’s an art to combine bold prints and not look like a circus clown.  It’s a skill I am working on and I thought I’d try it out with these abstract floral prints. They are similar in scale and color and I quite like their marriage.   In fashion and life, if something speaks to you, try it. Better to have tried and failed, then never tried at all.









Outfit Details:

Dress worn as a skirt & belt: JcPenny

Blouse: Target

Coat: Ross

Heels: AMI Club Wear

Earrings: Forever 21

Mixed Bracelets: Downtown L.A.

5 thoughts on “Flirting With Florals

  1. Hello! Just stopping in to let you know I adore your blog, and that I have nominated you for a Liebster award, which is a writing challenge too! If you’d like to find out about it, check this post out! I hope you’ll accept!

  2. wow! This is such a brilliant outfit! Just loved looking at it! Such vivd colors… feels like spring has already arrived !

    Love, Wink n Pout
    Blog , App

    1. So glad you enjoyed it! This are brilliant rich colors and I love the way they came together

  3. This is my favorite look from you so far. It’s like…looking into a reflective pool of water colors. Love love love!

    – Anna

    1. What a beautiful compliment. I think this is my favorite look also. I took a risk combining these prints and threw the coat on at the last minute and I love how it turned out. Hoping to have more inspired looks like this. Thank you for always commenting. I really enjoy hearing what you have to say.

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