Pop Of Color

I love lemons.  Actually, I’m kind of obsessed with them. I put them in tea, homemade salads and dressings.  I love their refreshing zest and vibrant fragrance.  So, why wouldn’t I want to wear a bright lemon yellow jacket?  This piece yelled my name from across the store and romanced me with its clearance price! Yeah, for end of season sales!   It’s borderline throw back to the 80’s, but I’m not mad at that. It was the decade of my childhood after all, when my Madonna obsession was in full effect.  The flirty peplum detail and moto cut make is 2014 appropriate.  I paired it with a traditional striped dress and very nonconformist colorful heels.

Let life, lemons and all, inspire you. How do you add a pop of color to your wardrobe?








Outfit Details:

Jacket: INC @ Macy’s (currently on clearance)

Dress & Necklace: JcPenny

Shoes: Prabal Garung for Target


Sunglasses: Target

2 thoughts on “Pop Of Color

  1. Perfect jacket! Love the color chaos with the necklace and shoes! 😀 ❤

    – Anna


    1. Yes, love me some color chaos! Thanks for affirming my jacket purchase!

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