Welcome to the Jungle

I never buy an entire outfit at the same time.  Like a jaguar in the jungle, I love the hunt.  I visit different stores, scour the racks, always searching for that special something that catches my eye.  I find that accessories and pieces of clothing find their way to each other in my closet, forming a perfect pair I could never have imagined.

When assembling an outfit, I often piece together items I’ve had for years, like shoes, with a brand new scarf I picked up.  Such is the case with this look.  The scarf and pants are new finds and I’ve paired them with boots, a tunic and handbag that I have had forever.  My brother gifted me this bag about 15 years ago and I’ve held on to it because I love the color and the detailing. 









Outfit Details:

Pants: Style & Co @Macy’s

Tunic & Boots: Newport News

Green Undershirt: Marc Ecko

Scarf, Belt & Jacket: JcPenny

Handbag: Kathy Van Zeeland

Bracelets: Claire’s

Earrings: Macy’s


4 thoughts on “Welcome to the Jungle

    1. Thanks so much! I love the unexpected color in a leopard print.

  1. Gorgeous accessories! Love those boots!

    – Anna


    1. Thanks Anna. I’ve had these boots for years and recently rediscovered them in my closet. Awesome when that happens!

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