Learning to Smile

Lately, life has been challenging for me, particularly in the health department.  It feels like just when I’m over one thing another pops up.  I have my ups and downs in dealing with it all. Some days I’m level-headed and tackle my ailments with ease and other times I just fall apart.  I feel like this all part of a greater growth that is occurring within me. I am faced with having to decide how I approach my life and my personal challenges.  Do I fold in the face of my fears or do I forge ahead and become more centered with my inner being?  Much of the battle is a choice in perspective.  Each day, each moment, I have the choice in whether I live in the positive or dwell in the negative.  It is a daily practice, but with each rising sun, I am gifted with endless possibilities and I am using those opportunities to learn how to smile.








{Dress/Newport News, Shirt/Jones New York, Shoes/Marshall’s, Belt/Target, Ring/Forever 21, Bangles/Necklace/IAMSHEGLOBAL}

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