Growing My Garden

Our lives are a patchwork of many gardens.  Our family garden, our friendship garden, health garden, spirit garden and many more.  Like a seedling, each of your gardens needs love, care, time, attention, cleansing, and nourishment to grow and flourish.  We shift our attention from garden to garden, savoring the sweetness, admiring the blooms and periodically wading through the weeds.  My gardens are a place of stillness, reflection, calm and growth with the occasional tumble weed rolling through.  In my personal journey, I have found that if I neglect any one of my gardens, if effects all of them.  It takes daily practice on my part to shower a little sunshine on each of my life’s gardens.  My goal is to create a glorious, harmonious, bountiful garden that I can enjoy for years to come.  With each life experience I have, I am growing my garden.








{ Top/Target, Pants/Bag/Ross, Shoes/Marshall’s, Bracelets/Earrings/Claire’s}

3 thoughts on “Growing My Garden

  1. I love this outfit! Very “Springy”

    1. Thanks so much! It’s sheer and flowy like a Spring Breeze!

  2. Gorgeous colors! Beautiful blouse!

    – Anna

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