From My Beach To Yours

April 10th was the five year anniversary of my grandmother’s passing.  Her wish was to have her ashes scattered, along with my grandfather’s, in the ocean.  As a family we honored her last wish and each year on the anniversary of her departure we spend the day at the beach, playing, laughing, remembering her and loving one another.  We finish each visit as a group by placing white flowers into the ocean for her.  We celebrate each year at the same beach, one which we have visited many other times throughout the years.  Only, on this special day, two years in a row, have we seen a single whale, very close to shore.  We all believe it’s a sign that she is there with us, in spirit, joining the family gathering that she inspired.

The forecast called for a cold, overcast day for our beach celebration.  To our surprise, it was a glorious, warm, beautiful day.  It was perfect with warm sand and stunning blue waters. Another sign that we are exactly where we are supposed to be.

I see you, in the beauty that surrounded us that day. Lovingly remembering you, from my beach to yours, wherever it may be, my Grandma.












{Pants/Wet Seal, Shirt/Marc Ecko, Sandals/Target, Bag/Blanket/Bought in Mexico, Bangles/From Mali and Ghana, Studded wrap bracelet/Sunglasses/Claire’s, Shell Ring/Bought in Honduras, Necklace/Made by my Sister}

3 thoughts on “From My Beach To Yours

  1. wow! That is so so touching…. god bless your grandmother’s soul and the way you guys pay your tribute to her each year is just wonderful 🙂

    On another note your sandals are really nice!

    Love, Wink n Pout
    Blog , App

    1. Thanks so much! These are some of my fave sandals. Super comfy!

  2. The pants, hat and bag are so perfect for this! Great Summer look!

    – Anna

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