Five Tips On How To Wear Global Accessories

I think a lot of people enjoy the vibrant accessories from other countries but aren’t quite sure how to incorporate them into their everyday wardrobe.  Here are a few tips from myself, a traveling, accessories addict, on how to incorporate global accessories into your everyday look.  Summer is the time to wear bright colors and the perfect opportunity to experiment with your look. So, channel your inner global goddess and give these tricks a whirl.

1.  START WITH ONE PIECE.  For those just beginning to incorporate ethnic accessories into their wardrobe, start slow.  Get your toes wet before you dive in, to see what you’re comfortable with.  Try wearing a necklace from India over your black dress or a couple bangles from Kenya with your beach cover up.  Ethnic accessories can be delicate or big and bold.  Pick a piece that is in line with your natural aesthetic. Starting slow and building your look will keep you from feeling intimidated to add exotic pieces to your accessories arsenal.

2. LET IT BE YOUR POP OF COLOR.  If your everyday wardrobe is filled with neutrals, a global accessory is a perfect way to add a “pop” of color to your outfit.  It can be a small amount of color, like a beautiful pair of turquoise earrings from Tibet or a larger statement with a colorful woven bag from Mexico.  The neutral base of your existing wardrobe is the perfect canvas to showcase the brilliant works of the world’s artisans.

3. WEAR WHAT SPEAKS TO YOU.  Nothing feels more inauthentic than wearing something because you think it’s what looks cool.  Search out the special pieces of jewelry or that amazing scarf that reminds you of a place you’ve been to or strikes you with a fit of wanderlust to travel to the land where it comes from.  If a piece makes you happy, it will make others happy when you wear it.

4. LAYER LIKE A CAKE. You may never wear more than one global accessory at a time and that is A-OK, but if you are feeling more adventurous, start layering your accessories like a seasoned globetrotter.  I love to mix and match bangles from different countries for the ultimate global arm party and lately I’ve been experimenting with layering necklaces.  You can also wear a bold necklace with exotic sandals.  Mix it up as you like.  Try different pieces on to see what works best together.  There is no wrong combination, as long as you love it!

5. BE BOLD.  My best advice when incorporating global accessories into your wardrobe is to be confident. Experiment. Try that head wrap or stack your arm with bangles. Be bold. Wear something different and unique.  Tell the world your story through your fashion.   I often hear, “I love how you put that outfit together, but I could never wear that”.  There are times when I question what I’m wearing, like every woman, but I choose to wear it anyway.  Confidence is your best accessory and if you wear it proudly, it makes everything you’re wearing shine that much brighter.

Below is what I wore yesterday.  A perfect example of mixing global accessories (head wrap, bangles from Africa, necklace from India) with your everyday wardrobe (my skirt and top are from Target).  I would love for you to share with me your global glam and how you wear your confidence.  We can connect on all social media @IAMSHEGLOBAL.









 {Skirt/Target, Tank/Peter Pilotto for Target, Shoes/Forever 21, Bag/Ross, Scarf worn as a head wrap/Marshall’s, Mixed Bangles/From Kenya & Target, Necklaces from India & IAMSHEGLOBAL}

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