What Lies Ahead

Yesterday was my birthday.  It was a wonderful time to reflect on all that I have been blessed to do and see, as well as an opportunity to look forward at what lies ahead for me.  I’ve made friends out of strangers, stepped foot across many lands and been on many adventures. Beauty lies in those priceless experiences as well as the multitude of dreams and aspirations yet to take form for me.  I am grateful for everyday I have on earth, whether it be spent exploring or sitting in complete solitude.  I have faith that my life’s purpose has only begun to unfold.







{Kaftan/SHEBA Los Angeles, Sandals/Wet Seal, Headwrap/Marshall’s, Ring/From Turkey, Necklace/Bangles/Bought In India, Necklace worn as headpiece/Earrings/Bought in Egypt}

7 thoughts on “What Lies Ahead

  1. Do you collect cultural pieces as you travel? Is fashion a passion of yours?

    1. Yes, I’ve been buying pieces from around the world for quite a few years. My business is escorting small groups on global shopping trips. I love ethnic fashion and accessories! Thanks for “Joining the Journey”!

  2. sistasfromcali July 31, 2014 — 2:25 am

    Cool pictures! Love all the colors. By the way HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!!! 🙂

  3. Amazing colors and patterns ❤ The details in this outfit are stunning!

    – Anna


  4. Happy Belated Birthday you amazing woman!!

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