Cool & Confident

I think confidence comes from different places. There is innate confidence, the kind you’re just born with, instilled confidence, the kind your parents drape you in and lift you up with and earned confidence, the kind you master each time you step outside your comfort zone, push yourself to try something new or stand tall in honor of your true self.  I am blessed to be driven by all three sources of confidence.

Though I don’t know the source, one my favorite quotes is, “Confidence is like a muscle. You have to grow it and the only way you grow it is through experience.”  Every day does not unfold as I plan, but I am committed to living my life’s purpose, cool and confident.









{Jumpsuit/Newport News, Kimono Top/Marshall’s, Jacket/Ross, Belt/Target, Shoes/AMI Club Wear, Necklace/Bought in India, Earrings/Bracelet/IAMSHEGLOBAL}


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