Tribal Take on Fall

There are endless ways to incorporate the hues of Autumn into your wardrobe.  I’m particularly fond of orange. Ok, I admit, its my go to color year round but paired with warm tans and rich browns it quickly slips into a Fall vibe.  Though the seasons change, what are non-negotiable for me are my tribal accents and global accessories.  My heart beats to a tribal drum and I am endlessly inspired by the bold and graphic qualities of tribal elements.  This is one of my tribal takes on the colors of Fall.

What’s one element that you love so much that you find a way to incorporate it into your wardrobe year round?









{Pants/Top/Macy’s, Shoes/Ross, Handbag/Wet Seal, Necklace/Bought in India, Ring/Bought in Kenya, Beaded Bracelets/JCP, Silver Bracelet/Gifted from a friend}


5 thoughts on “Tribal Take on Fall

  1. Wow I love the colours and designs, also really like the accessories you have chosen, very beautiful x

  2. Nailed it.
    Hands down!
    Love that top and those shoes are everything!

    1. I love the shoes too but they hurt like hell! Took them off right after I took the pictures. Oh, how I suffer for fashion. Glad you like the look.

      1. Girl, don’t we all.
        I’ve only just begun to elevate my shoe game to quality vs. quantity and now I hate all my old shoes.
        I’m F*cking ruined.

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