I’ve always thought I was a queen in another life. It’s not something I can put into words, just a feeling. I am not one that needs to be dripping in diamonds, but am a lover of beautifully adorning myself with handmade garments and intricate jewelry. I will never shy away from the bold and I love to make a statement.

A queen holds her head high, confident in her being.  She surveys the land with hope and dreams of a fruitful future. She gives of herself and will stand her ground when pushed.  She is elegant, strong, kind and her inside beauty rivals any outward beauty she may possess.

The reality is, we are all queens and kings. Take your thrones, ladies and gentlemen, as we move into an amazing new year. It is yours to make of it what you want.  Harness your inner strength and let your spirit guide you.

I’ve loved sharing this year of travel, adventure and fabulous fashion with you and look forward to the shenanigans we get into next year!

~ Sheena











{Dress/Newport News, Shoes/Nine West, Coat/Necklace/Bought in Egypt, Earrings/Tikka/Bought in India}

6 thoughts on “Queen

    1. Thanks Love! Happy New Year to you!

  1. Looooove, love, love this post!!
    Happy New year beautiful queen

    1. Thanks Dana! You’re one cool ass chick that I’m so glad to have connected with this year! Take those long legs and sass to some type a soirée tonight! I would expect nothing less from you than getting turned up! Here’s to a good hangover cure tomorrow and kick ass year ahead! Much love, Sheena

  2. Have a happy new year Sheena! That outfit is amazing! xo~ Lena

    1. Thanks Lena! Wishing you an amazing year ahead! So glad to have connected with you this year!

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