A Melodic, Thrifty & Chic Chick

As I’ve embarked on this blogging journey, I have met through the internet, some pretty cool people. Today, I want you to meet one of them.

Anna, the author and fashion blogger of Melodic, Thrifty and Chic, is a vibrant spirit whom I’ve grown fond of over the last two years.  We have very different styles but we share a common bond of being true to our individual fashion sense and I find her creativity with fashion inspiring.


Anna puts onions to shame with how well she has mastered layering. She has a way of marrying a detailed collared shirt with a chunky, vintage sweater and bold coat, like a perfectly layered cake. She flaunts her layering prowess with her legs as well, dressing them up in playful tights, knee-high socks and array of boots and Oxfords.




A lover of Houndstooth, polka dots, florals and plaid, she sprinkles in dainty prints and textures in an unexpected way that keep me coming back to her blog to check out her ensembles.  She is a funny, smart chick, not afraid to share her love of eccentric graphic tees and the joy of knocking down a few brewskies, all the while wearing feminine crochet necklines, fun hats and whimsical necklaces.


4451482_orig[1]8370598[1]I love her quirkiness and how she honors her femininity in each outfit she puts together, but what made me fall in love with Anna is when she did this!


I was awestruck when she unleashed this side of herself. The people in her town may have felt like she just landed from another planet, but all I wanted to know is where was her planet and how soon can I visit!  Anna will periodically get a little grittier with her look, pairing leathers, black, cosmic prints, spiked accessories and ridiculously cool glasses into a fashion masterpiece that embodies her strength.  These looks are so inspiring to me for the utter confidence she is throwing down.




Anna has been a supportive reader of my blog and I appreciate that so much. I personally follow blogs that are different from mine. I thrive on the creativity and self-expression of others.  If you enjoy reading a fashion blog that keeps you on your toes, I highly suggest following Anna’s fashion journey on http://www.melodicthriftychic.com. You can also click her link in my blogroll.


1 thought on “A Melodic, Thrifty & Chic Chick

  1. Amazing post! I have already started to follow her. She has an wonderful style that I can so admire and learn from.


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