Go Boldly

Sometimes you have to get uncomfortable, a little uneasy, a little unsure.  It’s that moment when you go out on a limb, take a risk, leave your safety net behind that your greatest growth happens. As you step into the week ahead I say go boldly and watch the magic unfold.








{Leggings/2b Bebe, Poncho/Jones New York, Shoes/Forever 21, Necklace/Wet Seal, Glasses/Downtown L.A.}

4 thoughts on “Go Boldly

  1. This is radtastic. I would totally wear this. Love the bright colors and mix of patterns!

    Also, I apologize for being so absent on your blog! I stopped getting notifications in Bloglovin’ and I had just assumed that you weren’t updating. I decided to stop by just to see if your page was still active and then I found all of these new posts. I have SO much catching up to do!

    – Anna


    1. Ahh, thanks Anna! Glad you dig the funky freshness of it all! No need to ever apologize! I appreciate your support anytime but there is never an expectation. Honestly, I wasn’t posting too much for a while as I was focusing on launching my global shopping journeys but I’m slowly getting back into it. I’m always trying to commit to a schedule of some sort but it never quite comes together! Good to hear from you always! ~Sheena

  2. I need this outfit in my life! Im glad I came across you from Project Tribe!

    1. Thanks for stopping by the blog! Glad you found me too and appreciate this super funky mix of prints!

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