Country Chic

People ask me how I find such pretty pieces or unique items at the thrift store.  I always hear, “I can never find anything when I go thrifting.”  The truth is thrifting is a commitment. It can be hit or miss which requires going to shops often and visiting different ones.

Another thing I do is I never visit a thrift store with the intention of finding something specific.  You will more than likely not find what you are looking for because the thrift store is like a piñata.  You have to hit it a bunch of times and then you are rewarded with surprises and treasures!

This dress is an example of just that. I did not visit the thrift store looking for a vintage floral print nightgown but when scouring the racks at the thrift store I always have on my creative hat and look at pieces for more than their face value. On initial inspection, this looks like your grandma’s old nightgown but I loved the print and color and envisioned it as a flowy, country, bohemian style dress.





Belts are by far my best friend when styling thrift store finds and this simple braided belt (which was also thrifted) literally takes these pajamas and turns it into a beautiful floral dress for summer! Never underestimate the power of accessories! They make magic!


I paired this dress with earthy brown tones and country-esque accessories and I think this look is perfect for a day at the flea market or a picnic in the woods. It’s also amazingly comfortable because you are wearing pjs all day!

I’d love to hear what you think of this look and if you have a favorite go-to accessory that takes your thrifted finds from drab to fab!


{Nightgown dress/belt/shoes/Thrifted, Bag/Target, Hat/Bought on a cruise, Bracelets/Santee Alley}

4 thoughts on “Country Chic

  1. wendy lee lynds May 18, 2016 — 4:48 pm

    your photos are stunning!
    you write very well.
    i can SO see you publishing a book of your blog posts.
    “from drab to fab: thrift storing as high art”!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks Wendy!! That would be a fun book!!

  2. Thanks for sharing your tips for thrift shopping. I am in love with that dress!

    1. You are so welcome. I have so much fun thrift shopping and want to share how I find such fun items. I thought the print on the dress was awesome and it turned out to be totally comfortable as well. Win/win!

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