Ruffles For Days

Next to lace, ruffles are one of the most feminine details and this season you can find them everywhere!  Tiered ruffles on a skirt or along a neckline, the subtle waves can add volume and drama to an outfit or provide soft and easy curves to your ensemble.





I realize this look is not in traditional light or bright colors you would wear in summer but when I found it thrifting a few weeks ago in Las Vegas, I knew I had to share it with you.  It has ruffles everywhere, from the collar to the neckline, on the back and mini ruffles tucked in the hemline of the skirt. On top of that it has built in print on print action which you know makes me a very happy lady! I’ve styled it for a summer night with dramatic eyes and sultry heels.

Will you be wearing ruffles this summer?



This post is part of a blogger collaboration between Joi of InMyJoi , Sahily of PrettyInPigment and myself. Together we are #UnitedlyPlus!

United Plus is our dedicated place to celebrate every woman, every body type, every clothing size, and every ethnicity.  We embody inclusivity, honoring the unique beauty that each woman possesses. We encourage all women to embrace and love who they are today. We show persona style can encourage body positivity, foster self-confidence, and provide an outlet for personal self-expression. Please join us in our mission of united women from every part of the world, showcasing our individual beauty, and authentic creativity.

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 {Dress/Earrings are Vintage/Thrifted, Heels/JCPenny}






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