Playing with Pantone for Fall

Each season Pantone selects a palette of inspirational colors that can be found in fashion.  This fall’s picks are a wide range of hues from cool blues and greys to the more familiar fall colors of orange, red and yellow.  The ladies of Unitedly Plus wanted to give our take on styling some these colors in hopes of giving you inspiration to try them!

I really like the overall selection of colors for this fall but one that stood out to me was “Spicy Mustard”.  It’s a vibrant color while still being warm and inviting. It pairs well with so many other colors, from blue to russet. I love it most because it’s an unexpected ray of sunshine. It genuinely makes me happy to look at this color and to wear it!

Being the frugal fashionista that I am, I wanted to shop my own closet for a Pantone inspired look and this vintage coat I thrifted fit the bill. I am all about layering in fashion and fall is the ideal time to do that with the weather changing. I paired this summer dress over a long sleeve shirt and removed the belt from the coat to wear over the dress. I layered long necklaces and even threw a small braided belt over the coat as an added layer.

I love the combination and can’t wait to pair this color with other pieces in my closet.  Check out Pantone’s full color selection and see which colors speak to you! I’d love to hear which one is your favorite and see how you rock it!




 {Dress/Ross, Jacket/Earrings/Vintage, Thrifted, Boots/Nine West via Goodwill, Necklaces/Thrifted, Shirt/Newport News}



This post is part of a blogger collaboration between Joi of InMyJoi , Sahily of PrettyInPigment and myself. Together we are #UnitedlyPlus!

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2 thoughts on “Playing with Pantone for Fall

  1. Gorgeous outfit, Sheena! Mustard yellow is one my favorite colors too.

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