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If you know a bit about me, you’ll know that after finishing interior design school and working various jobs, I found myself working for a tour operator, designing safaris to Africa. I was able to travel abroad quite a bit for the 5 years I worked there but I had this itch, a feeling I couldn’t shake, a knowing, that I was meant to be my own boss and pave my own road.  After much contemplation, almost to the point of being paralyzing, I quit my regular paycheck, my regular schedule and my regular cubicle for a life all my design.

That was seven years ago, this month to be exact, that I made the choice to follow my dreams.  No road map in hand, no instructions to follow, just my drive, my vision, a very supportive husband, trial and errors, lots of workshops, reading, learning, traveling, dreaming big, bumps along the way and a burning desire that kept me motivated all this time. All of it has brought me to this moment where I combine my 15 years of personal and professional travel experience with my attention to detail, sense of wonder, love of the unique and desire to share the beauty and magic of this amazing world with you.

Today, I am launching my inaugural global, arts and culture based shopping journeys to Thailand, South Africa, Morocco and India. I have spent months designing every detail of the itineraries and I will personal guide the trips to ensure you create the most amazing memories.  I have chosen to keep these groups small, no more than 12 passengers and each journey will focus on the arts and culture of the country we are visiting with direct experiences with local artists, musicians, chefs, craftsmen, wine makers, painters. I believe the art and culture is the soul of a country and I have created these journeys so that we can travel and connect on a more personal level with that soul. Each itinerary along with the booking details is listed in the links below .

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have and share with anyone you know who may be interested.  We are offering an early booking discount: If you book by May 1st, you’ll receive a $50 spa certificate to be used on your journey and if you’d love to share this experience with someone you know, if you and your travel companion book at the same time, you’ll each receive $100 off your tour price. Thailand: South Africa: India: Morocco:

This is the blossoming of my dream and whether you take flight with me to far off lands, gain insight from my blog posts or get inspired by my social media, my only hope is that you “Join the Journey”. ~ Sheena


Photo credit: April Bellotti Photography

Make It Work

This is another amazing vintage dress I fell in love with at Goodwill and when I tried it on it was obvious that it was not my size but I loved it so much I had to figure how I could justify taking it home with me.

With the long zipper in the back, I turned this baby around and wore it as an open dress coat.  Added a belt to hide the zipper and voila, here is how I make it work!









{Dress/Vintage via Goodwill, Shoes/Belt/Target, Earrings/Macy’s, Camisole/Glasses/Downtown L.A.}

Friday Fly Away – Myanmar

I enjoy the lazy days at home, appreciating my own backyard and the comforts of the familiar, but more often than not I have a deep longing for the mysterious, the exotic, the uncharted.  I want to be embraced by ancient traditions, unexpected landscapes and ornate architecture.  I want to hear languages I don’t understand and connect with the smile of a stranger.  My heart longs for the adventure and the surrender to the unknown and Myanmar seems the perfect place to satiate my desires.

Heed the call on your heart and listen to the whispers for they will grow thunderous until they are honored.

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Photo credit: Busso Photography
Photo credit: Boonlong1 on Flickr
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Vintage Vibes

I’ve always appreciated vintage clothing and accessories but have never worn a lot of it because it’s definitely more challenging to find larger sizes in the bohemian styles I am drawn to.  I love thrift shops and the hunt of finding something amazing among the racks.

Last week I went to drop some donations at my local Goodwill and figured I’d take a look at the store.  I was instantly drawn to these amazing vintage prints. When shopping, I see prints, patterns and colors first and then I see what the item is along with the cut and size. I loved the high neck and flowy sleeves of this dress. I ended up buying 2 vintage floral dresses for $15!

Moral of the story, keep your eyes peeled and stay open minded because you never know where that special piece of wardrobe magic may find you! Happy Hunting!

I’d love to know the most unexpected place you found clothing or an accessory that you fell in love with?








{Dress & Clutch/Vintage via Goodwill, Belt/Ross, Shoes/Earrings/Downtown L.A., Bracelet/From India}

Go Boldly

Sometimes you have to get uncomfortable, a little uneasy, a little unsure.  It’s that moment when you go out on a limb, take a risk, leave your safety net behind that your greatest growth happens. As you step into the week ahead I say go boldly and watch the magic unfold.








{Leggings/2b Bebe, Poncho/Jones New York, Shoes/Forever 21, Necklace/Wet Seal, Glasses/Downtown L.A.}

Friday Fly Away – Marbella, Spain

Its Friday and I want to escape to somewhere colorful, inviting, relaxing and vibrant.  This brilliant little restaurant in Marbella fits the bill perfectly. Amazing food, laughter, a little wine perhaps and some impromptu dancing, sound exactly what the weekend was made for. Won’t you join me?


Location: Restorante El Pozo Viejo in Marbella, Spain

Photo Credit: Rui Pajares on Flickr via Pinterest

In Honor Of Iris

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a screening of “IRIS”, a film documenting the colorful and eccentric life of Iris Apfel.  I’ve always been inspired by Iris’ unapologetic way of being who she is, wearing what she wants and how she beautifully creates works of art, using herself as the canvas.

We have so much in common.  She started in interior design, traveled the world, shopping the local markets and bazaars for one of kind treasures, we’re both bargain hunters who love the haggle, she is deeply in love with her dear husband, she follows no fashion rules, she speaks her mind and she doesn’t judge others’ self expression.

I was so excited to see the documentary and even more so because Iris herself was to attend and do a Q&A. I put together a wild mix of prints, layered on the necklaces, rocked red lips and giant tortoise print glasses in the hopes of catching the eye of my fashion idol.  Unfortunately, Iris couldn’t make it last minute and I can’t deny I wasn’t a little crushed.

Iris is full of great lines and one of my favorites is, “More is more, less is a bore”.  Even though I didn’t get to meet this fabulous bird of fashion she still inspired me to push my limits, be creative and rock what makes me happy.








{Pants/Love Culture, Shirt/Jones New York, Cover Up/Marshall’s, Shoes/INC International Concepts, Belt/Target, Bracelets/From Mali, Top Necklace/Glasses/Claire’s, Middle Necklace/From Nepal, Black and White Necklace/Handmade by me, Earrings/Macy’s}

No Crowds Here

“A woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd.  The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has been before.” ~ Albert Einstein

No crowds here. Only uncharted territory ahead. Just the way I like it.








{Pants/Macy’s, Shirt/Newport News, Poncho/Jones New York, Shoes/Forever 21, Necklace/ Sistas Jewelry, Bracelets / From India & Philippines, Ring/IAMSHEGLOBAL, Hat/Purchased on a cruise and I added a piece of scrap fabric}

Join the Journey to Thailand

Discover grand palaces and ancient temples, bargain from the bow of your boat at the famous floating markets, dine 61 floors above the Bangkok with panoramic views of the city, learn, first hand the art of Thai crafts, practice delicate technique in our Thai cooking class, release your cares in a traditional paper lantern ceremony, discover the night markets of Chiang Mai and the islands around Phuket. Experience all of this and more on our journey to Thailand!

Wat Arun in Bangkok of Thailand

Boat trip at phi phi krabi beach in thailand

many thai food on table

Buddhist is touching hand of big Buddha statue

Female Hand stitching cloth to make ancient Thai pattern fabric

Thai temple

IAMSHEGLOBAL, in partnership with Vacations International, invites you to join world traveler, Sheena Dersidan, as your expert guide on this luxury, small group, arts and culture based shopping journey to Thailand, taking flight June 12-21, 2015!


Booking Forms: Inclusions & Exclusions / PIF – Release / CC Form

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Explore, Discover, Connect. Join the Journey:

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Join the Journey to South Africa

Stroll through one of the world’s most colorful neighborhoods on our way to a traditional Cape Malay meal with a local family in the historic Bo-Kaap.  We’ll spend the afternoon exploring Green Market Square and the Pan African Market, treasure hunting for artisanal creations. We’ll laugh and dance the evening away on a jazz safari through Cape Town’s musicians’ homes.  Bask in the beauty of wildlife in its natural habitat as we go on bush walks and game drives. Feel the spirit of this rainbow nation as we walk the steps of Mandela with a trip to Robben Island. These are just a few of the amazing ways we’ll travel and connect on a more personal level on our journey to South Africa!

giraffes in game reserve

African masks for sell

Vineyard in the hills of South Africa

Happy black family

Table Mount Cable Car in Cape Town South Africa

Elephants on the beach.

IAMSHEGLOBAL, in partnership with Vacations International, invites you to join world traveler, Sheena Dersidan, as your expert guide on this luxury, small group, arts and culture based shopping journey to South Africa, taking flight September 5-16, 2015!


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Explore, Discover, Connect. Join the Journey:

(Photo Credit: All photos via Fotolia)