Bask In Your Glow

I am inherently a pretty confident person.  I know what I bring to the table, I know that I act from a place a love, that my intentions are pure, my heart is golden.  I know that I am a creative person, a kind person, an adventurous person, one who is bold.  It’s probably the Leo in me that doesn’t mind standing out.  I feel freedom in knowing my true self and shining in my light.

My hope is that all women, strong, beautiful inside and out women, women that know it and those that are unsure, stand proud in your grace and boldly bask in your glow, for we are all worthy of the light.








{Dress/JCPenny, Top/Belt/Ring/Target, Shoes/Ross, Earrings/Macy’s}

Printed Pattern Play

Last week I attended another clothing swap event and I scored! Most of the items I brought home were brand new, with the tags, like this silk patterned dress made in India. I feel like I have a whole new wardrobe and I spent no money. I am set for a Summer full of printed pattern play!










{Dress/The Plus Bus, Wedges/Target, Necklace/Bought in India, Bag/Buffalo Exchange. Mixed Bangles/From India & Downtown L.A.}


Geometry never was my thing. The protractor, angles and degrees, definitely not my friends.  Now, you put a kaleidoscope of shapes on fabric and then make it into a super comfy jumpsuit, well that’s an equation I can love.








{Jumpsuit/Ross, Shirt/Material Girl via Macy’s, Necklace/Earrings/Bracelet/Claire’s, Wedges/AMI Clubwear, Headwrap/Remnant piece of fabric}

Friday Fly Away – Etosha National Park, Namibia

It has always called to me. Its mystery like a haunting breeze that beckons you its way. There’s something about its wind swept dunes, the arid landscape and the unspoiled panorama that calls to me. My feet will sink in its red earth one day. Until then, join me as we fly away this Friday to Etosha National Park in the heart of Namibia.

Photo credit: Mathilde Guillemot via
Photo credit: Mathilde Guillemot via
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Photo credit: Anja Denker
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Friday Fly Away – Ranakpur Jain Temple

Today I want to take you somewhere I have actually laid foot.  On the drive from Jodhpur to Udaipur we traversed a beautiful green, tree filled, winding mountain road. Along this drive we made an unplanned stopped at the majestic Ranakpur Jain Temple.

Nestled in the embrace of nature, the temple is the most ornate and grand temple of the Jain religion in all of India. The interior houses 1400 carved marble columns, of which no two are the same. Walking through the temple is like getting lost in a glowing maze of details that stop you in your tracks with every step.  The perimeter of the temple houses various Gods in small niches, to which Jain visitors say prayers and give thanks.

If you ever find yourself in these same mountains, do stop and take in the magic of this sacred space.

Photo Credit: abmiller99 on Flickr
Photo Credit: abmiller99 on Flickr
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Photo Credit: Pinterest
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Photo credit: Pinterest

Friday Fly Away – Lower Antelope Canyon

A place of dreams, alive in its curves and crevices.  The fiery colors of sunrise set against the cool cave breezes.  Twists and turns that go everywhere and nowhere. Flow with it, through it, below it and above it.  Get lost in its mystery and find yourself at Lower Antelope Canyon in Page, Arizona.

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Make It Work

This is another amazing vintage dress I fell in love with at Goodwill and when I tried it on it was obvious that it was not my size but I loved it so much I had to figure how I could justify taking it home with me.

With the long zipper in the back, I turned this baby around and wore it as an open dress coat.  Added a belt to hide the zipper and voila, here is how I make it work!









{Dress/Vintage via Goodwill, Shoes/Belt/Target, Earrings/Macy’s, Camisole/Glasses/Downtown L.A.}

Friday Fly Away – Myanmar

I enjoy the lazy days at home, appreciating my own backyard and the comforts of the familiar, but more often than not I have a deep longing for the mysterious, the exotic, the uncharted.  I want to be embraced by ancient traditions, unexpected landscapes and ornate architecture.  I want to hear languages I don’t understand and connect with the smile of a stranger.  My heart longs for the adventure and the surrender to the unknown and Myanmar seems the perfect place to satiate my desires.

Heed the call on your heart and listen to the whispers for they will grow thunderous until they are honored.

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Photo credit: Busso Photography
Photo credit: Boonlong1 on Flickr
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Vintage Vibes

I’ve always appreciated vintage clothing and accessories but have never worn a lot of it because it’s definitely more challenging to find larger sizes in the bohemian styles I am drawn to.  I love thrift shops and the hunt of finding something amazing among the racks.

Last week I went to drop some donations at my local Goodwill and figured I’d take a look at the store.  I was instantly drawn to these amazing vintage prints. When shopping, I see prints, patterns and colors first and then I see what the item is along with the cut and size. I loved the high neck and flowy sleeves of this dress. I ended up buying 2 vintage floral dresses for $15!

Moral of the story, keep your eyes peeled and stay open minded because you never know where that special piece of wardrobe magic may find you! Happy Hunting!

I’d love to know the most unexpected place you found clothing or an accessory that you fell in love with?








{Dress & Clutch/Vintage via Goodwill, Belt/Ross, Shoes/Earrings/Downtown L.A., Bracelet/From India}

Go Boldly

Sometimes you have to get uncomfortable, a little uneasy, a little unsure.  It’s that moment when you go out on a limb, take a risk, leave your safety net behind that your greatest growth happens. As you step into the week ahead I say go boldly and watch the magic unfold.








{Leggings/2b Bebe, Poncho/Jones New York, Shoes/Forever 21, Necklace/Wet Seal, Glasses/Downtown L.A.}