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My love affair with traveling began on my honeymoon to Singapore, Bangkok and Hong Kong back in 2000. It was the trip I got my first passport for, my first long haul flight and my first experience stepping foot in another country and I have never looked back.

My career in travel started as a sales executive in the Africa division for a U.S. based tour operator. For five years, I worked directly with overseas suppliers to design and coordinate once in a lifetime journeys through the continent for myclients. During that time I personally traveled extensively to India, Costa Rica, Egypt, Morocco and many other destinations. I make a point to personally inspect properties and visit sites whenever I travel to provide first hand, current advice for my clients’ travel needs.

With my combined 17 years of personal and professional travel to over 40 countries and sailing on 25 cruises, I bring hands on knowledge of logistics, designing, planning and execution of journeys dreams are made of. I specialize in exotic locales and love organizing travel for groups, whether it’s your family of 10 or a group of 100.

My goal as your travel advisor is to give you your most valuable asset back to you, which is time. I listen to you and your travel dreams and you leave the rest up to me. I pride myself on the details and will customize a trip tailored especially for you. I will do all the planning for you so you don’t have to worry about anything but enjoying your journey.

One of my greatest joys is connecting with people and I look forward to the opportunity to assist in turning your travel dreams into reality!

~ Sheena Dersidan

Owner / Travel Advisor, IAMSHEGLOBAL


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