My name is Sheena. Queen of the Jungle that is. I guess it’s no coincidence that my parents named me after a strong female, with a loyalty to her tribe, who rocks animal print with wild abandon and whose heart lies on the continent of Africa, because that’s exactly who I grew up to be.

I come from a family of artists. Growing up, I was exposed to different cultures, religions, design and art. My creativity, sense of self-expression and desire to explore were always nurtured. My love of color, composition & textures, lead me to study interior design. With a degree from FIDM, I worked various jobs in the industry. The catch – I wasn’t actually designing at any of these jobs.

In the midst of this, I married my high school sweetheart and we ventured “outside the box” for our honeymoon. We traveled to the Far East and were bitten aggressively by the travel bug. Coming home and going back to a job that was not allowing me to express my design abilities was not an option, so I set out on the job hunt.

With recent stamps in my passport (because that totally qualified me), I applied for a sales position with a tour operator specializing in exotic locales. My passion got me in the door. My lack of experience in the industry got me an admin position. After only 4 months they sent me to China! Can you say jackpot? I learned the ropes and became a sales executive, specializing in African safaris. In the five years I worked there, I traveled to some amazing places (India, Morocco, Kenya, Egypt, Austria, Costa Rica to name a few).

During my travels, I saw the sights, learned about the local culture and of course, I shopped! I have always loved fashion, jewelry and handmade crafts. In each new place I discovered amazing pieces crafted by local artisans. I started buying items to bring home and share, as a way for others to have a tangible part of that destination and to highlight the work of global artists.

After much contemplation, I left my job in travel to follow my dream of discovering and sharing art, culture and inspiration from around the globe. I am building a site where you will be able purchase these unique finds and designing global shopping journeys, that I will personally guide, highlighting the world’s markets. My wish is to share with you, what I find, what I feel and what I experience. I hope you’ll do the same with me.


April Bellotti Photography
April Bellotti Photography

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