Join the Journey to Morocco

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Have you ever imagined what it would be like to see the sunrise in the Sahara Desert? Or what treasures you could find in the maze of the medina in Marrakech?  Well, now is your chance to turn that dream into a reality!

Join the Journey to Morocco, October 7-15, 2017 with IAMSHEGLOBAL.  Guided by travel agent and global style blogger, Sheena Dersidan, this small group, arts and culture based journey is your chance to explore the land, discover the culture, and connect with the people of Morocco.

Highlights include:

  • Sunset Camel Ride
  • Spend the night in a Bedoin Camp in the Sahara Desert
  • Gourmet dinners at exclusive restaurants, Gastro MK & Riad Dar Moha
  • Sunrise hike in the Atlas Mountains
  • Explore Jemaa el-Fna Square in Marakkech
  • Visit the medina & tanneries of Fes
  • Connect with local artists
  • Drive through the Atlas Mountains
  • Marjorelle Gardens in Marrakech
  • and much more!

Space is extremely limited.  Click the links below for the full itinerary and booking forms.  Feel free to contact IAMSHEGLOBAL@gmail for more information.

Moroccan slippers for sale
Shop for the perfect pair of slippers in the medina.
Moroccan Interior
Dine in Marrakech’s exclusive restaurants.


Immerse your self in the smells and colors of the markets.


Watch the sun rise over the Sahara Desert from your Bedoin Camp.



2017 Morocco Itinerary

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Join travel agent & global style blogger, Sheena Dersidan as your personal guide on this Journey to Morocco.

Seven Magic Mountains

Like a desert mirage these brilliantly colored totems appeared out of no where.  The highway laid out before us with only dust colored landscapes as far as the eye could see and then this!


About 10 miles away from entering the Las Vegas city limits on our way from Los Angeles this burst of color is sitting on the side of the road draped in allure.  From the road this looks small and leaves you wondering, “what the heck is that”?  “Are they shooting a music video”?  “Did someone just paint some rocks in the desert for fun”?

It captivated our attention so much that we went back the next day to investigate and this is what we discovered.

These are the ‘Seven Magic Mountains’, one of the largest art pieces in the U.S. in the last 40 years.  Created in a effort to expose art to a broader audience this temporary art installation is inspired by the city of Vegas itself, a bold, bright, jarring jumble of stimulation set amongst the still, calm landscape of the desert.



Each boulder weighs up to 40,000 pounds and each totem is approximately 30 feet tall. Each stack is held together with a steel rod and reinforced underground as it would collapse under its own weight. In 2018 the mirage will disappear and a single totem will make its way to the Park on the Strip in the center of Vegas.



{Top/Blazer/Thrifted, Pants/INC International Concepts, Earrings/H&M, Shoes/Target}

This was my favorite totem.



There are parking spots on site and the installation is free to visit. From Vegas, exit Sloan off the I-15 South and from Los Angeles, exit Jean off the I-15 North. There are signs that lead the way.

Let Your Hands Be The Canvas

Koutoubia Mosque overlooking Marrakech

I had always dreamed to traveling to Morocco and was thrilled when we got the chance.  Our last few days were spent in Marrakech and I couldn’t wait to stroll the famous Jemaa el-Fna Square.  This expansive square is bustling with cafes, fresh orange juice vendors, snake charmers and spice merchants, just to name a few.

Jemaa el-Fna Square
Marrakech, Morocco

Jemaa el-Fna SquareMarrakech, Morocco

I figured this would be the place to knock off one of the items on my must-do list in Morocco, which was to get henna artwork on my hands.  I found this lovely young lady who was a henna artist, complete with her booklet of designs to choose from and small stool for me to sit on.  In the middle of this amazing square, in about five minutes flat, she created ornate, ethnic, floral designs on both my hands.  Amazing skill in such a quick amount of time and with such a unique medium.  It was wonderful to have this local artist’s work on my hands to take home with me, as a reminder of her creativity and my journey through Morocco.




Art and creativity come in a multitude of forms throughout the world.  When traveling, I try to support local artists, whether they be musicians, painters, weavers or henna artists and I encourage you to do the same.

Beautiful henna artworkMarrakech, Morocco
Beautiful henna artwork
Marrakech, Morocco