Summer of Wanderlust – Greece Inspired Look Book

I have always dreamed of traveling to Greece, a land where the blue of the sky dances with the blue of the sea for as far as the eye can see.  This October I am blessed to be able to make that dream a reality so I thought I should get some outfit planning in the works.

This look book is inspired by the iconic Greek colors of blue and white in easy, flowy fabrics, paired with unique sandals and a healthy sprinkling of gold.  Channeling my inner Greek goddess with bare shoulders and billowing silhouettes, I am ready for my island adventure.


{Dress/Hemant & Nandita via Gwynnie Bee, Sandals/Michael Kors, Bracelet/Bought in India, Earrings/Vintage}



{Pants/Michael Kors, Duster/Ralph Lauren via The Plus Bus Boutique, Blouse/Thrifted, Bracelets/Sandals/Santee Alley, Belt worn as a necklace/Target, Earrings/Bought in India}



{Dress/Ross, Belt/JCPenny, Earrings/Sandals/Santee Alley}



{Jumpsuit/The Plus Bus Boutique, Shawl/Remnant fabric, Belt/Thrifted, Necklace/Bought in India, Bracelets/Sandals/Santee Alley}





How Mixed Prints Became My Signature Style


I remember the moment exactly, a few years ago. I was looking through a magazine and saw this picture of a woman wearing an outfit composed of mixed prints. I thought it was so cool but that I could never pull that look off. I was just beginning to come into my fashion confidence and this outfit was like stepping into the deep end.  I was so inspired by that picture I tore it out of the magazine and pasted it in a notebook as inspiration and promised myself that I would be that woman wearing mixed prints with confidence some day.

Little by little, I tried. Stripes were a classic, comfortable pattern to start mixing so I tried that out in black and white.  Then, I started pushing myself to mix prints in bold colors, larger prints, more detailed prints and the evolution began.

I made an internal pact with myself to push my own boundaries of what I was comfortable with. I played with patterns and prints and colors and let them lead the way. I removed the judgment from the process and just enjoyed it. I also told myself whenever I had the choice between a “safe” or “crazy” option, let’s say for an accessory or a pair of shoes, that I would always pick the choice that was least expected. This commitment to myself in exploring fashion blossomed into what is now my signature style.

Today, just a few short years later, virtually my entire wardrobe is prints and color, so I have no choice but to mix them.  I even incorporate patterns in my shoes, hats, scarves, jewelry and bags. I receive comments that I am the print mixing queen and that I do it with such ease. If only they knew just a few short years ago, I didn’t think it was possible.

While mixing prints is a fashion trend, for me it was the tool that helped me discover my true style.  If there is a style that inspires you or makes you smile when you look at it, I encourage you from the bottom of my heart to try it!! And then try it again, and again and if it feels right and it feels like you, own it!

Today’s look is mixed prints turned all the way up.  Every piece is a print, worn in honor of every step of my journey to define my signature style and wear it with confidence.









{Jumpsuit, JCPenny, Blazer/Earrings/Thrifted, Shoes/Peter Pilotto for Target, Necklace/Bag/Bought in Guatemala, Mixed Bangles/Claire’s & Santee Alley, Scarves (one worn as a belt & one worn as a headwrap/Target, Hat/99 cents store}

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Summer of Wanderlust – Hong Kong Look Book

Sixteen years ago for my honeymoon I went on my first big international trip to Singapore, Bangkok and Hong Kong.  That trip forever changed the trajectory of my life and ignited a desire to travel the globe that is everlasting.

This look book is inspired by the details of Hong Kong, the place where my ultimate journey began.


{Top/Jacket/Jewelry/Thrifted, Pants/INC International, Shoes/Santee Alley}



{Dress/Gwynnie Bee, Shoes/Target, Bag/Bracelets/Earrings/Umbrella/Thrifted}



{Vintage Housecoat/Long Beach Flea Market, Bag/Belts/Thrifted, Earrings/Purchased in India, Bracelet/Old, Shoes/Michael Kors}



{Skirt/Last Chance, Top/Chico’s (Thrifted), Earrings/Necklace/Purchased in India, Fan/99 cents store}




Summer of Wanderlust – Mexico Inspired Look Book


Living in Southern California, Mexico is right in our backyard which makes sense why it’s the country I have visited the most in all of my travels.  Mexico is a beautiful country with diverse landscapes awash in color from the beaches to the jungles.  What I love most about it is the warmth of the people and the rich culture and tradition.

If you are traveling to Mexico this summer I hope these looks offer you some inspiration on what to pack. Bold prints in a variety of colors will have you ready to stroll the local markets during the day and dancing the night away under the Sonoran sky.

I paired these very vibrant floral prints in breezy light fabrics for the hot days in Mexico.  Paired with warm brown accessories and a striped bag I purchased in Mexico, this is one of my favorite looks.


{Skirt/Top/Belt/Thrifted, Sandals/Last Chance, Necklace & Bracelet, Downtown L.A., Bag/Bought in Mexico}


This look is inspired a bit more by the colors of the desert with warm oranges and natural textures. The crochet duster caps off the easy feel of this look.


{Pants/Marshall’s, Old tank, Crochet Duster/Ralph Lauren via The Plus Bus Boutique, Necklace/Sistas Jewelry, Sandals/Bag/Hat/Target, Bangles/From India & Thrifted}


I have loved this dress since I bought it a couple of years ago. The vibrant orange color and the sheer cut out design are amazing! I paired it with an equally bright cobalt for a knock out look!


{Dress Target, Top/A’Gaci, Shoes/Ross, Bangles/Bought in Kenya, Necklace/Clutch/Bought in India}


This last look is inspired by the beautiful hand made clothing of Mexico. This blouse was gifted to me from Casa Otomi in Mexico. I paired this look with neutral accessories to let the embroidery shine!


{Dress worn as a skirt/The Plus Bus Boutique, Blouse/Casa Otomi, Heels/Nine West, Hat/Earrings/Bangle/Santee Alley, Belt/Thrifted, Fan/Oriental Trading}


If you’d like some more Mexican inspiration and shopping tips, check out my posts on Ensenada and Cozumel.  Be sure to tag me on social media @IAMSHEGLOBAL if you try any of these looks! I’d love to see them!



Getting Summer Vacation Ready at the Thrift Store

I’ve been so excited to share my first collaboration of the Summer of Wanderlust that I did with two amazing ladies, Shana & Edwina, otherwise known as Thrifters Anonymous.  I started following their YouTube channel a couple of years ago and not only are these long time friends hilarious, they know how to find the best deals and on trend pieces at the thrift store.

Shana & Edwina killin em in vintage sequins – there go to!!



If you’re headed on a trip or just want to strut your stuff at the neighborhood bar-b-que this summer, more than likely you’re looking to get some new wardrobe pieces. The thrift store is the best place to find seasonal, unique clothing for a fraction of the price.  You know, so you have money to do all the other fun stuff this summer!

I personally do almost all my shopping, year round at thrift stores but I thought I would enlist the help of the experts, Shana & Edwina, to give you some pointers on how to get summer ready at the thrift store.

I asked them a few questions below to get you started on your trip to the thrift store!

Q: What are some the summer fashion trends that inspire you?
A: Gtcoth (aka “Get the crap out of the house’) items, i.e., sheer items, flowy tops, iron free dress,  that allow you to get up and go without much work but it looks like it was a lot of work. (Wink)
Q: What summer wardrobe pieces are you looking for at the thrift store?
A: More casual pieces, thin layers, bold monochrome colors.
Q: If you are going on a cruise, or a safari or camping those vacations are completely different. Can you find what you will need for each of those at the thrift store?
A: Totally! With ease.
Q: What is your favorite summer accessory to purchase at the thrift store?
A: Formal wear- especially with sequin.
Q: What is the most common misconception that you’d like to dispel about shopping at the thrift store?
A: There is nothing disgusting about it- and there are tons of gems if you have the time and have an open mind.
Q: Are there any items that shouldn’t be purchased at the thrift store?
A: Not really. There are amazing items new and gently used in each section.
Q: What are the keys to a successful trip to the thrift store?
A: 1. Grab a friend and get your Style inspiration with magazines & shopping list/ budget prep
2. Grab snacks and water and wear workout clothes
3. Start with one section at a time for your first trip. When you feel more comfortable, start with the sections you love or need the most.
4. Time each section so you are not there forever.
5. Grab everything you like but try on everything later regardless of size or brand.
6. Stick to the budget, current weather season and staple pieces. Bahaha, we try!
These ladies are so much fun that I had to visit Vegas to experience thrifting first hand with them.  You can check out Part 1 of our thrifting shenanigans here.
Here are a few of the summer items I picked up on our day of thrifting in Las Vegas and how I styled them when I got home. What do you think?
I fell in love with the vintage, South Beach vibe of this dress! This was marked $10 and it was 50% the day we were there! Woo Hoo! Side Note: Kinda sad I didn’t buy this hat!
I wasn’t sure about this jumpsuit because of the bright pink but the ladies convinced me and I’m so glad they did. It was brand new with the tags attached for $15. I thrifted the blazer at Savers for $4 in Vegas while I was there!
This is a mumu type dress from Indonesia that I found for $4. I loved the print and paired with additional prints and textures in the same color scheme. I wear an XL and this is a size small so be sure to try items on regardless of size.
 I hope that these tips and our fun videos help inspire you to visit the thrift store this season for your summer wardrobe. Be sure to tag us @IAMSHEGLOBAL and @taapproved to share what you find! Also, make sure you subscribe to Thrifters Anonymous on Youtube so you don’t miss any of the Shana & Edwina’s thrifting adventures!!


Summer of Wanderlust – Caribbean Look Book

A lot people chose to spend their summer vacation in the Caribbean Islands and who can blame them! White sands beaches, crystal blue water and endless breezes make it the perfect place to relax and enjoy yourself.

I’ve traveled to quite a few of the islands in Caribbean and next to the amazingly warm and inviting people my favorite part is all the color!! Especially when celebrating Carnival, the islands are awash in brilliant colors and bold details!  This look book is inspired by the color and patterns of the Caribbean and hopefully gives you some wardrobe inspiration if you are headed there this summer!

This look is perfect for day or night. Lightweight material in bright colors and an island palm print will have you ready for any occasion! I added playful accessories and tall wedges to show off those legs!


{Dress/Lane Bryant, Bucket bag & Earrings/Bought in Mexico, Wedges/Lola Shoetique, Bracelets/Claire’s & Santee Alley}


This look is a bit more dressed up, perfect for a dinner date but still super comfortable for dancing the night away! A jumpsuit this bold deserved an equally exotic jacket and I love how it pairs with this one! Topped with pops of yellow and palm print wedges you are sure to turn heads in this look!


{Jumpsuit/Ashley Graham, Blazer/Dana Buchman – both thrifted, Earrings & Wedges (thrifted)/H&M, Belt/Target}


I loved the color blocked painterly print of this set when I found it at the thrift store. These wide leg culottes are breezy for the humid Caribbean weather and I tied the shirt into a crop top to make it a bit more modern. Paired with some wild accessories you are ready for any island get together!


{Culotte Set/Savers, Shoes/Ross, Bangles/From India, Handbag/Depop, Necklace/Handmade by me}


This last look has Caribbean Queen written all over it! A rainbow colored satin robe worn as a coat over a long body hugging dress makes for a dramatic look. I fell in love with this robe when I saw it and the abstract palm print is perfect for the islands. As a queen would, I paired this look with gold jewelry and heels.


{Dress/The Plus Bus, Robe/Marshall’s, Heels/Nine West, Earrings/Handmade by me, Necklace/Bought in India, Bangles/Santee Alley}


I hope these looks give you some colorful inspiration for a summer soiree or for your days in the Caribbean, if you’re headed there!

Do you have a favorite?  Let me know what you think and be sure to tag me on IG with your Caribbean inspired looks!  I’m so glad you’ve joined the journey with me!

~ Sheena



Ruffles For Days

Next to lace, ruffles are one of the most feminine details and this season you can find them everywhere!  Tiered ruffles on a skirt or along a neckline, the subtle waves can add volume and drama to an outfit or provide soft and easy curves to your ensemble.





I realize this look is not in traditional light or bright colors you would wear in summer but when I found it thrifting a few weeks ago in Las Vegas, I knew I had to share it with you.  It has ruffles everywhere, from the collar to the neckline, on the back and mini ruffles tucked in the hemline of the skirt. On top of that it has built in print on print action which you know makes me a very happy lady! I’ve styled it for a summer night with dramatic eyes and sultry heels.

Will you be wearing ruffles this summer?



This post is part of a blogger collaboration between Joi of InMyJoi , Sahily of PrettyInPigment and myself. Together we are #UnitedlyPlus!

United Plus is our dedicated place to celebrate every woman, every body type, every clothing size, and every ethnicity.  We embody inclusivity, honoring the unique beauty that each woman possesses. We encourage all women to embrace and love who they are today. We show persona style can encourage body positivity, foster self-confidence, and provide an outlet for personal self-expression. Please join us in our mission of united women from every part of the world, showcasing our individual beauty, and authentic creativity.

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 {Dress/Earrings are Vintage/Thrifted, Heels/JCPenny}






Summer of Wanderlust – Cruise Look Book

We are continuing our fashion journey around the globe, from the savannah to the high seas! This week’s travel inspired look book is all about traveling via the wide open ocean!

Classic nautical colors of red, white and blue are highlighted throughout these looks, perfect for a deck party or strolling a gorgeous port of call!  Anchors up! Let’s set sail and dive right in!!

This look is classic sophistication. Colorful stripes mixed with a linen blazer and a dramatic hat along with a lux bag and shoes make for the perfect jetsetter look. People will wonder where your yacht is parked!

Scarf 2

{Pants/Style & Co., Shirt, Blazer, Handbag/Thrifted, Shoes/Anne Klein, Hat/Scarf/99 cents store}

Scarf 1

This next look is easy and comfortable, perfect for exploring the ships decks and dancing the night away under the stars on the lido deck. Gold earrings and hardware on the clutch dress this ensemble up a bit, making it perfect for transitioning from day to night.


{Pants/Style & Co., Top/Thrifted, Clutch/Micheal Kors – Thrifted, Sandals/Prabal Garung for Target, Belt/Target, Earrings/Flea Market Find}


For those that prefer a dress, this look is for you. Lightweight cotton, perfect for the hot and humid weather of many ports of call, layered with a blue and white checkered lightweight jacket for the evening. Pops of red and a fedora add fun elements to this traditional look!


{Dress/Jacket/Thrifted, Shoes/Anne Klein, Hat/99 cents store, Earrings/Santee Alley}


This last look is for those that want to be a bit more adventurous with their cruise attire. A mix of unexpected prints and a bold necklace will tell people you have arrived and are ready to party!!  This look could be replicated with pants or a skirt as well as long as you marry your color scheme you are good to go!

Shorts 2

{Shorts/Macy’s, Top/Thrifted. Belt/Target, Shoes/Ross, Necklace/Can’t remember where I got this piece!}

shorts 1

Which look is your style?  I’d love to hear if you’re headed on any cruises this summer and if you try any of these looks out be sure to tag me on Instagram. I would love to share in your fashion adventures!  You can also read about some of my cruise adventures here and here.

Summer of Wanderlust – Safari Look Book

Africa holds a very special place in my heart so I thought it fitting that we kick off our “Summer of Wanderlust” with a safari inspired fashion look book.

Each week, starting in June, through the end of August I will be featuring outfits inspired by different destinations around the globe. You may be traveling to one of them or be excited to recreate a look as part of your summer wardrobe.  Either way, I hope you enjoy them and I encourage you to have fun experimenting in your own closet.

I view fashion as a creative outlet and my love of color and pattern has been directly linked to my travel experiences.  These look books are a glimpse into my suitcase and I want to take you on the journey with me!

So here we go…..



{Shorts/Torrid, Blouse/INC International Concepts, Vest/Chico’s (Thrifted), Wedges/Thrifted, Hat/Bought on a cruise, Belt/JCPenny, Clutch/Cebu, Mixed bangles/ bought in India, Kenya & at thrift store, Necklace/Bought in India, Earrings/Handmade}




{Pants/Macy’s, Blouse/Made in Ghana (thrifted), Boots/Target, Hat/Left Bank L.A., Necklace/Anukah Accessories, Mixed Bangles/Made in India, Earrings/Thrifted}





{Jumpsuit/Torrid, Top/Macy’s, Wedges/Thrifted, Belt/Bag/Target, Hat/99 cents store, Bangles/Made in India, Earrings/Ventura Flea Market}




{Kaftan & Scarf/Africa Imports, Wedges/Thrifted, Bangles/Made in India, Earrings/Ventura Flea Market}


If you’d like to read about some of my adventures in Africa you can here and here. For a little African travel inspiration check out this and this.

If you recreate any of these looks I would absolutely love if you shared them with me.  Tag me on social media @iamsheglobal and #SummerofWanderlust!




Seven Magic Mountains

Like a desert mirage these brilliantly colored totems appeared out of no where.  The highway laid out before us with only dust colored landscapes as far as the eye could see and then this!


About 10 miles away from entering the Las Vegas city limits on our way from Los Angeles this burst of color is sitting on the side of the road draped in allure.  From the road this looks small and leaves you wondering, “what the heck is that”?  “Are they shooting a music video”?  “Did someone just paint some rocks in the desert for fun”?

It captivated our attention so much that we went back the next day to investigate and this is what we discovered.

These are the ‘Seven Magic Mountains’, one of the largest art pieces in the U.S. in the last 40 years.  Created in a effort to expose art to a broader audience this temporary art installation is inspired by the city of Vegas itself, a bold, bright, jarring jumble of stimulation set amongst the still, calm landscape of the desert.



Each boulder weighs up to 40,000 pounds and each totem is approximately 30 feet tall. Each stack is held together with a steel rod and reinforced underground as it would collapse under its own weight. In 2018 the mirage will disappear and a single totem will make its way to the Park on the Strip in the center of Vegas.



{Top/Blazer/Thrifted, Pants/INC International Concepts, Earrings/H&M, Shoes/Target}

This was my favorite totem.



There are parking spots on site and the installation is free to visit. From Vegas, exit Sloan off the I-15 South and from Los Angeles, exit Jean off the I-15 North. There are signs that lead the way.