Join the Journey to South Africa

giraffes in game reserve

Have you always dreamed of going on safari?  Well, now is your chance!

Join the Journey to South Africa, August 26-Sept 3, 2017 with IAMSHEGLOBAL.  Guided by travel agent and global style blogger, Sheena Dersidan, this small group, arts and culture based journey is your chance to explore the land, discover the culture, and connect with the people of South Africa.

Highlights include:

  • Jazz Safari
  • High Tea At Mt. Nelson Hotel
  • Mandela Walking Tour
  • Cape Malay Meal
  • Cape Winelands Tour
  • Langa Township Visit
  • Cable Car Ride to the top of Table Mountain
  • Guided Game Drives
  • Walking Street Art Tour
  • Sunset Cruise
  • Traditional Cooking Class

Space is extremely limited.  Click the links below for the full itinerary and booking forms.  Feel free to contact IAMSHEGLOBAL@gmail for more information.

Happy black family
Visit and connect with locals in Langa Township.
Vineyard in the hills of South Africa
We’ll spend an afternoon sipping artisan wine and taking in the scenery of the Cape Winelands.
African masks for sell
Shop for handmade artisan crafts at Green Market Square!


Table Mount Cable Car in Cape Town South Africa
We’ll take in a panoramic view of Cape Town from the top of Table Mountain.


2017 South Africa Itinerary

Inclusions & ExclusionsPIF – ReleaseCC Form

Join me, as your personal guide on this Journey to South Africa!




Shop Stop – Double Take

After spending the morning at the International Folk Art Alliance we headed to downtown Santa Fe to check it out since it was our first visit to the city. Santa Fe is so welcoming, full of charm and brimming with boutiques and art galleries. It’s a shopper’s paradise for sure.

After we had strolled the upscale shops I thought I’d see if there were any thrift shops in the area and I found Double Take on Yelp.  We walked a few blocks from downtown and discovered this treasure of a consignment/resale shop.

The minute you walk in you realize you are not in a normal “thrift” shop.  A counter of eclectic jewelry greets you and is backed with an array of worldly handbags and clutches.  Stairs take you down into the area with women’s and men’s clothing, all very well organized, each rack set up by style, color and size.

Super cool two piece suit, unfortunately not my size.

This shop reflects the artistic, global aesthetic of Santa Fe itself. It’s as if all the people who consign here are world travelers lightening their load for their next adventure.  I saw pieces from all corners of the globe from Egypt to Guatemala to India and beyond! The accessories are just as unique as the clothes and your wanderlusting heart would be hard pressed not to find something you love in here.

I bought this tribal top on sale for $4.
These are the accessories I picked up. The clutch is handmade in Vietnam (was on sale for $10), the mask brooch (on sale for $1) and the leopard wood bracelet (on sale for 50 cents).

I did two rounds around the main store (which also includes an extensive kid’s section) and then realized off the men’s section, the store continued into another room which was completely dedicated to Western wear (called At The Ranch).  A wall of cowboy boots, racks of jackets, vests and belts were everywhere you looked. It was like I fell into a fabulous Southwestern rabbit hole and I didn’t want to come out. There were so many amazing pieces to discover and try on.

I tried on this shirt (part of a custom two piece suit)! So cool!
I fell in love with this floral embroidered skirt from Mexico but I couldn’t bring it all home!
I ended up buying this vest for $9.

This was my big splurge at $59!  I was mesmerized at all the detail, the beadwork and sequins! Bucking horses on the front, a thunderbird on the back, arms covered in sequined feathers and hanging beads!! UM, YES!!!  If you know me I am very frugal so this was a big purchase but I am going to rock this piece and it will always remind me of Santa Fe!

I visited the shop later in day and as I was gathering my purchases I realized there was another room (called Encore) I didn’t even get to visit that houses all their designer pieces and also an upstairs room (called Hacienda) with all the home décor and furniture!! I guess I have something to discover next time I visit because I will definitely be back!

You can find all the details on Double Take here.

Sheena’s Sidenotes:

~ Double Take has weekly colored tags that are on sale and are in multiple rooms of the store. Be sure to keep an eye out for them. There is also a sale section in the back of the store.

~ Give yourself time. This store is chock full of so much goodness.  Give yourself enough time to look through everything.  I did a couple rounds of just one room and found new items with each lap.

~ The staff is super helpful. Three different employees helped me access and try on merchandise. Just ask.

~ They have a frequent shopper card if you plan to visit often and you can earn credit towards a future purchase.

~ This shop is a block from the train depot so it’s totally worth a visit if you are staying in Albuquerque.  The train is $10 roundtrip ($9 if purchase ticket online) and in an hour and a half you can be shopping at Double Take!

Summer of Wanderlust – Safari Look Book

Africa holds a very special place in my heart so I thought it fitting that we kick off our “Summer of Wanderlust” with a safari inspired fashion look book.

Each week, starting in June, through the end of August I will be featuring outfits inspired by different destinations around the globe. You may be traveling to one of them or be excited to recreate a look as part of your summer wardrobe.  Either way, I hope you enjoy them and I encourage you to have fun experimenting in your own closet.

I view fashion as a creative outlet and my love of color and pattern has been directly linked to my travel experiences.  These look books are a glimpse into my suitcase and I want to take you on the journey with me!

So here we go…..



{Shorts/Torrid, Blouse/INC International Concepts, Vest/Chico’s (Thrifted), Wedges/Thrifted, Hat/Bought on a cruise, Belt/JCPenny, Clutch/Cebu, Mixed bangles/ bought in India, Kenya & at thrift store, Necklace/Bought in India, Earrings/Handmade}




{Pants/Macy’s, Blouse/Made in Ghana (thrifted), Boots/Target, Hat/Left Bank L.A., Necklace/Anukah Accessories, Mixed Bangles/Made in India, Earrings/Thrifted}





{Jumpsuit/Torrid, Top/Macy’s, Wedges/Thrifted, Belt/Bag/Target, Hat/99 cents store, Bangles/Made in India, Earrings/Ventura Flea Market}




{Kaftan & Scarf/Africa Imports, Wedges/Thrifted, Bangles/Made in India, Earrings/Ventura Flea Market}


If you’d like to read about some of my adventures in Africa you can here and here. For a little African travel inspiration check out this and this.

If you recreate any of these looks I would absolutely love if you shared them with me.  Tag me on social media @iamsheglobal and #SummerofWanderlust!




Friday Fly Away – Ranakpur Jain Temple

Today I want to take you somewhere I have actually laid foot.  On the drive from Jodhpur to Udaipur we traversed a beautiful green, tree filled, winding mountain road. Along this drive we made an unplanned stopped at the majestic Ranakpur Jain Temple.

Nestled in the embrace of nature, the temple is the most ornate and grand temple of the Jain religion in all of India. The interior houses 1400 carved marble columns, of which no two are the same. Walking through the temple is like getting lost in a glowing maze of details that stop you in your tracks with every step.  The perimeter of the temple houses various Gods in small niches, to which Jain visitors say prayers and give thanks.

If you ever find yourself in these same mountains, do stop and take in the magic of this sacred space.

Photo Credit: abmiller99 on Flickr
Photo Credit: abmiller99 on Flickr
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Friday Fly Away – Lower Antelope Canyon

A place of dreams, alive in its curves and crevices.  The fiery colors of sunrise set against the cool cave breezes.  Twists and turns that go everywhere and nowhere. Flow with it, through it, below it and above it.  Get lost in its mystery and find yourself at Lower Antelope Canyon in Page, Arizona.

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Friday Fly Away – Myanmar

I enjoy the lazy days at home, appreciating my own backyard and the comforts of the familiar, but more often than not I have a deep longing for the mysterious, the exotic, the uncharted.  I want to be embraced by ancient traditions, unexpected landscapes and ornate architecture.  I want to hear languages I don’t understand and connect with the smile of a stranger.  My heart longs for the adventure and the surrender to the unknown and Myanmar seems the perfect place to satiate my desires.

Heed the call on your heart and listen to the whispers for they will grow thunderous until they are honored.

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Photo credit: Busso Photography
Photo credit: Boonlong1 on Flickr
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Friday Fly Away – Marbella, Spain

Its Friday and I want to escape to somewhere colorful, inviting, relaxing and vibrant.  This brilliant little restaurant in Marbella fits the bill perfectly. Amazing food, laughter, a little wine perhaps and some impromptu dancing, sound exactly what the weekend was made for. Won’t you join me?


Location: Restorante El Pozo Viejo in Marbella, Spain

Photo Credit: Rui Pajares on Flickr via Pinterest

Join the Journey with IAMSHEGLOBAL


If you know a bit about me, you’ll know that after finishing interior design school and working various jobs, I found myself working for a tour operator, designing safaris to Africa. I was able to travel abroad quite a bit for the 5 years I worked there but I had this itch, a feeling I couldn’t shake, a knowing, that I was meant to be my own boss and pave my own road.  After much contemplation, almost to the point of being paralyzing, I quit my regular paycheck, my regular schedule and my regular cubicle for a life all my design.

That was seven years ago, this month to be exact, that I made the choice to follow my dreams.  No road map in hand, no instructions to follow, just my drive, my vision, a very supportive husband, trial and errors, lots of workshops, reading, learning, traveling, dreaming big, bumps along the way and a burning desire that kept me motivated all this time. All of it has brought me to this moment where I combine my 15 years of personal and professional travel experience with my attention to detail, sense of wonder, love of the unique and desire to share the beauty and magic of this amazing world with you.

Today, I am launching my inaugural global, arts and culture based shopping journeys to Thailand, South Africa, Morocco and India. I have spent months designing every detail of the itineraries and I will personal guide the trips to ensure you create the most amazing memories.  I have chosen to keep these groups small, no more than 12 passengers and each journey will focus on the arts and culture of the country we are visiting with direct experiences with local artists, musicians, chefs, craftsmen, wine makers, painters. I believe the art and culture is the soul of a country and I have created these journeys so that we can travel and connect on a more personal level with that soul.

This is the blossoming of my dream and whether you take flight with me to far off lands, gain insight from my blog posts or get inspired by my social media, my only hope is that you “Join the Journey”. ~ Sheena


Photo credit: April Bellotti Photography

What I Bought In Ensenada

For many, Ensenada is town to get crazy in, drink a few cervezas (or 12), let your hair down and act a fool. I recently stopped in Ensenada on friend’s birthday cruise and while we were there to party, I am always on the hunt for interesting and unique items.


The main street of Calle Lopez Mateos is chock full of tiny cafes, street vendors and small shops.  It’s short enough that you can stroll one side, browse the wares and come back to something you fell in love with, without having to go very far.

These little masks are made from coconut husks, hand painted and decorated.

While some of the street vendors and shops are selling items that are traditionally Mexican,  like hand tooled leather bags, turquoise and silver jewelry and sandals, many are selling tourist junk. Jewelry and handbags from China, sarongs from Indonesia, etc. The more places I travel, I am noticing this is becoming a common trend and it breaks my heart.

As we walked down the street, a colorful window, full of dancing Day of the Dead couples and metallic skull banners caught my eye and I had to stop. Little did I know I had discovered the most amazing, two story shop, selling handmade art and wares from all over Mexico. Jackpot!!

Bazar Casa Ramirez, carries all handmade products crafted from the hands of Mexican artists. Different states and regional influences are found in the art dotting the walls, the dishes on the shelves and the bags hanging on the racks. This store is a feast for the eyes and the soul.


store shots


I was immediately drawn to these hearts, handmade in Michoacan. I loved the color and decorative metal pieces. It was explained to me that all the metal pieces are “Milagros” or miracles, used by the grateful to offer thanks for prayers answered. There are symbols representing fertility, health, happiness, safety, and you can rub the one you are in need of as you say your prayers. Being a person who lives in gratitude this piece really connected with me so I purchased it.


I also loved these small straw bucket bags, which are made locally in Ensenada. It’s the perfect size to fit your essentials for traveling or a Summer music festival and I love the pop of color. I may change the strap to a longer one so I can wear it cross body.


I fell in love with the coconut masks we passed on the street and they had a few in this shop as well. I’m a fire sign and a collector of masks so this little “Fire God” caught my attention and held it. He came home with me too!


The last items I bought were these tin Day of the Dead ornaments, from Oaxaca, to add to my travel inspired Christmas tree next year.


I bought all of these beautiful handmade items for less than $50 and couldn’t be happier with my treasures!  Bazar Casa Ramirez is located at Calle Lopez Mateos 498-3, Edificio Ramirez, Ensenada, Baja California. They don’t have a website, so you’re just gonna have to get there in person! I promise, it’s worth the trip!

What I Bought In Cozumel – Part 2

On a much needed getaway last month I made a stop in Cozumel and though I hadn’t planned on doing much shopping, I couldn’t resist a few colorful items and wanted to share with you what I picked up.



In my previous post on shopping in Cozumel, I talked about the Carnival cruise port and the great deals to be had there. On my last trip here I purchased some cowboy boots from Rogers Boots, which I will admit, I haven’t worn yet. They really are not a staple of my wardrobe but I do hope to take them out for spin this year. I had no intention of buying more boots but I stopped in Rogers Boots just to check it out and they had new snakeskin loafers. They had four different colors and I of course chose the brightest pair they had. I confirmed that the entire snake is used and not just killed for the skin. They ran about $80, which is pricey, especially for me, but I will definitely get more use out of this style and have already worn them multiple times.




I had hoped to pick up a new beach bag at the shops in the port. I’ve bought quite a few here before but they were out of the large size I was looking for. I still managed to find a smaller handbag, which will be a great pop of color in Spring and Summer as well as two colorful woven backpacks that will make for easy, collapsible travel bags.





There were lots of small gifts available from musical instruments to dream catchers to blankets but I passed those up in search of some traditional Mexican tops and dresses.




I headed over to Cinco Soles which is in the port shopping area and specializes in products handmade in Mexico. They did have some traditional clothing but the options were limited and the prices were a bit steep in my opinion. I did purchase a colorful woven belt that I think will pair great with a crisp white dress in the Summer.


Without finding the clothes I was looking for, we took a ride into town to see what we could find. The cabs are a flat rate $8 each way, regardless of the number of passengers. We were dropped on the main street that runs along the water, where all the shops are located. There are places to eat, cigar shops, silver stalls and hanging hammocks. The more I travel I feel like I have to search harder for authentic items made in country. So much of what is sold to tourists is junk, manufactured usually in China. It saddens me but furthers my resolve to find indigenous products and makes it that much sweeter when I do.




While there was some traditional clothing to be had, it was mostly children’s clothes and sarongs made elsewhere. I opted instead for a traditional striped poncho that I plan to wear with a wide belt. I love how the colors pop off of the black background. Its worth noting that I bought this from a small shop on one of the side streets. Though the vendor gave me a hard time, I was able to bargain the price down from her asking price. You’ll have better luck negotiating with vendors off the Main Street as they are probably not seeing as much foot traffic.


We strolled the street until we had seen enough of the same. It’s worth venturing outside the port to check out the town, but I honestly feel like I found better prices and more variety of items in the cruise port.