Global Gift Wrap

I have always had an affinity for stationary, wrapping paper, note cards and ribbon.  I love dressing up my gifts as much as I love dressing myself up.  I try to make the outside of a present just as beautiful as the inside and I love using decorations on a gift that are multi-purpose. You’ll see what I mean below.  I love to tailor the gift wrap to the person I am presenting it to, whether it’s a child who loves lizards or my friend who swoons over floral prints.  I like my gifts to be as unique as the people receiving them.


I let my creativity lead the way when wrapping gifts and while I love traditional holiday paper and colors, I love incorporating global elements into my gift wrapping.  I am a globetrotter after all!  Below are some ideas that may inspire you for wrapping gifts with a worldly flair.  All items (paper, ribbon, tags, decorations) were purchased at Micheal’s Craft Store, unless noted otherwise.  I shopped the $1 section by the registers and the paper was on sale, 6 sheets for $1.  You can create unique wrapping without breaking the bank!

Don’t limit yourself to traditional wrapping paper. For most of these gifts I used scrapbook paper.  There are endless colors and patterns to choose from to create a special package. They are decent sized sheets but you may need to buy multiple sheets depending on the size of your gift.


This large floral print is reminiscent of  a bountiful French garden.  The chartreuse ribbon pops beautifully against the deep purples of the paper.  The doily inspired gift tag keeps with the feminine vibe of this wrapping and the flower is actually a pin/clip that can be worn in the hair or on a lapel. It’s an added bonus gift for the recipient!




This is inspired by the bold colors and patterns of fiesta, down South! The paper is playful, the detail on the ribbon adds to exotic flair and again, the flower is reusable.




I fell in love with this paper! Beautiful greens in a striking snake skin print.  I paired it with iridescent ribbon and added cobalt blue gem stickers for that extra bit of holiday sparkle!  This is the gift wrap for the person who stands out in a crowd!



For the lover of Africa and animals, this gift is wrapped in animal print collage paper from  I used twine for a natural looking ribbon, added reeds and a carved wooden giraffe from Kenya (you can find similar pieces at Cost Plus World Market).  The giraffe is an added gift!



Head to Japan to gaze upon the blossom covered trees with this soft and delicate gift wrap.  I paired it with a sheer floral print ribbon and a vintage looking tag.



This gray-scale print reminded me of wallpaper you’d see in a chic Parisian apartment.  I paired it with contrasting double ribbon and added a small picture frame as the name tag.  You can use it to write a message or the recipient’s name and they can use the frame afterwards.  These frames came in various colors and shapes and are a wonderful alternative to a traditional name tag!



This small gift bag is a fun way to gift something small or maybe a gift card, say for an Asian restaurant or tai chi lessons.  I love when the gift wrap hints at the gift that lies within.  You can find these bags and many other great themed favors and decorations at  I added contrasting red tissue paper, ribbon and chopsticks to finish the look.



This super sparkly glitter to go box is a fun, unexpected shaped container to put a gift in.  It is so showy on its own that I only added some small ribbon ties and an equally sparkly butterfly to the handle. The butterfly has a clip attached on the back so it can be used in the hair.



This last one is inspired by the Korean tradition of wrapping gifts in “Bojagi” scarves.  You can use any scarf (a longer one works best) and wrap it around the box and tie in a knot or bow – instant gift wrap.  The best part is the recipient gets a scarf to wear in addition to whatever you put in the box.  You can find a variety of these scarves at and they also provide tutorials on how to wrap them.



I hope these ideas have inspired you to think outside the box when it comes to wrapping your gifts. Get creative, use unexpected materials and surprise people!


Wishing you a world of wonder this holiday season!


7 thoughts on “Global Gift Wrap

  1. Dude, these are fantastic! ❤ Incredible talent. The giraffe one is so adorable! ^_^

    – Anna

    1. Thanks so much! I love being creative and crafty!

  2. I love pretty gift wrap.

    1. Oh me too! I love beautifully wrapped gifts! Thank you for checking out my blog and commenting! ~Sheena

  3. Sheena, you are truly amazing! Like you I love wrapping gifts, and you take creative wrapping to a whole new level! These packages are gorgeous … and your recipients sure are lucky! ~Terri

    1. I love paper, stationary and cards. I have fun with it. Glad you enjoyed it!

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