Always Traveling

We are knee deep in the craziness of Christmas, with mounds of wrapping, shopping and cooking going on. We spent all day yesterday running around buying groceries and baking supplies.  I would normally throw on jeans and tennis shoes for a day of errands but with 80 degree weather, I couldn’t help take some new items I bought on vacation, out for a spin.

I bought this belt in Isla Roaton, Honduras.  It’s more of a decorative piece that you can wear as a scarf but I quite liked it as a belt so that’s what it’ll be. The vest was a buy from downtown L.A., when I was supposed to be holiday shopping for others, shhhh, it’ll be our secret and the Panama hat I picked up on the cruise ship. I’ve always fancied having an Indiana Jones-esque hat, all adventurer like.

So, when we were leaving the house I asked my husband what he thought of my outfit and he said, “Well, you definitely don’t look like your going grocery shopping.”

I replied, “But I look like I’m going to the market in some other country and that works just fine for me.”

My feet may be here but my mind and soul are always traveling.









{Pants/Marshall’s, Vest/Downtown L.A., Sandals/Target, Belt/Bought in Isla Roaton, Bangles/From India, Earrings/Ventura Flea Market, Hat/Bought on cruise ship}

2 thoughts on “Always Traveling

  1. Love the combination of patterns here. you elevate grocery shopping! 😉

    1. Thanks Teryll! I never apologize for who I am and what I wear. I do get lots of interesting looks along the way!

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