Summer of Wanderlust – Mongolia Look Book

Inspired by the rich reds of the Ger interiors and the florals on the traditional dress I created these layered looks to become my own Mongolian explorer.

Skirt, blouse, boots/Thrifted, Hat/Yard Sale Find, Scarf as a belt/Bought in India, Vest/Bought in Romania, Necklaces/Bought in Nepal, Bag/Bought in Bali
Coat/Necklace/Scarf as head wrap/Bought in India, Boots/Thrifted, Beaded Belt/Bought in Bali
Dress/Boots/Bag/Thrifted, Hat/Yard Sale Find, Belt/Bought in Guatemala, Vest/Bought in Romania

Ready to take your own trip to Mongolia? Contact IAMSHEGLOBAL to start curating your journey!

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