Summer of Wanderlust – Greece Inspired Look Book

I have always dreamed of traveling to Greece, a land where the blue of the sky dances with the blue of the sea for as far as the eye can see.  This October I am blessed to be able to make that dream a reality so I thought I should get some outfit planning in the works.

This look book is inspired by the iconic Greek colors of blue and white in easy, flowy fabrics, paired with unique sandals and a healthy sprinkling of gold.  Channeling my inner Greek goddess with bare shoulders and billowing silhouettes, I am ready for my island adventure.


{Dress/Hemant & Nandita via Gwynnie Bee, Sandals/Michael Kors, Bracelet/Bought in India, Earrings/Vintage}



{Pants/Michael Kors, Duster/Ralph Lauren via The Plus Bus Boutique, Blouse/Thrifted, Bracelets/Sandals/Santee Alley, Belt worn as a necklace/Target, Earrings/Bought in India}



{Dress/Ross, Belt/JCPenny, Earrings/Sandals/Santee Alley}



{Jumpsuit/The Plus Bus Boutique, Shawl/Remnant fabric, Belt/Thrifted, Necklace/Bought in India, Bracelets/Sandals/Santee Alley}





Summer of Wanderlust – South Africa Inspired Look Book


When you mention travel to Africa most people’s first thought is a safari.  While I highly recommend going on a safari (it was life changing for me) there is so, so much more to see and do in the many diverse countries that make up this vast continent.  One of my personal favorites is South Africa.

South Africa has made strides to leave its history of repression and racism behind and is slowly evolving into a melting pot of cultural expression. Cosmopolitan cities are set against brilliant natural backdrops and vibrant neighborhoods are alive with music, food and friendship.

What I love most about South Africa is its vibrancy, its color and textures. The distinct geometric painting of the Ndeble tribe, the beaded Zulu necklaces and intricate basket weaving, the modern street art and rainbow hued buildings of the Bo Kaap neighborhood. South Africa is alive and has a pulse all its own.

This travel look book is awash in color and pattern, inspired by the “Rainbow Nation” and its beauty, in all the forms it blesses us.


{Jumpsuit/Sandals/Ross, Top/Jones New York, Belt/Marshall’s, Bracelet/Earrings/Thrifted}



{Dress worn as a skirt/Belt/Scarf worn as a headwrap/Target, Shoes/Ross, Top/Rose Bowl Flea Market, Bag/Buffalo Exchange, Bangles/From India & Kenya, Sunglasses/Santee Alley,  Earrings/Thrifty Upenyu}



{Dress worn as a skirt/Marshall’s, Top/Macy’s, Belt/Target, Necklace/Rose Bowl Flea Market, Shoes/AMI Club Wear, Mixed Bangles/From Mali & Claire’s}



{Dress/Thrifted, Bag/Can’t remember where this is from, Shoes/Lola Shoetique, Headscarf/From Mexico, Hat/ 99 cents store, Earrings/Handmade by me, Mixed Bangles/From India & Thrifted, Rings/From the Philippines & Africa}


If you are looking for more African fashion inspiration click here or here.  Have you ever traveled to South Africa? I’d love to hear about your journey in the comments.




Summer of Wanderlust – Mexico Inspired Look Book


Living in Southern California, Mexico is right in our backyard which makes sense why it’s the country I have visited the most in all of my travels.  Mexico is a beautiful country with diverse landscapes awash in color from the beaches to the jungles.  What I love most about it is the warmth of the people and the rich culture and tradition.

If you are traveling to Mexico this summer I hope these looks offer you some inspiration on what to pack. Bold prints in a variety of colors will have you ready to stroll the local markets during the day and dancing the night away under the Sonoran sky.

I paired these very vibrant floral prints in breezy light fabrics for the hot days in Mexico.  Paired with warm brown accessories and a striped bag I purchased in Mexico, this is one of my favorite looks.


{Skirt/Top/Belt/Thrifted, Sandals/Last Chance, Necklace & Bracelet, Downtown L.A., Bag/Bought in Mexico}


This look is inspired a bit more by the colors of the desert with warm oranges and natural textures. The crochet duster caps off the easy feel of this look.


{Pants/Marshall’s, Old tank, Crochet Duster/Ralph Lauren via The Plus Bus Boutique, Necklace/Sistas Jewelry, Sandals/Bag/Hat/Target, Bangles/From India & Thrifted}


I have loved this dress since I bought it a couple of years ago. The vibrant orange color and the sheer cut out design are amazing! I paired it with an equally bright cobalt for a knock out look!


{Dress Target, Top/A’Gaci, Shoes/Ross, Bangles/Bought in Kenya, Necklace/Clutch/Bought in India}


This last look is inspired by the beautiful hand made clothing of Mexico. This blouse was gifted to me from Casa Otomi in Mexico. I paired this look with neutral accessories to let the embroidery shine!


{Dress worn as a skirt/The Plus Bus Boutique, Blouse/Casa Otomi, Heels/Nine West, Hat/Earrings/Bangle/Santee Alley, Belt/Thrifted, Fan/Oriental Trading}


If you’d like some more Mexican inspiration and shopping tips, check out my posts on Ensenada and Cozumel.  Be sure to tag me on social media @IAMSHEGLOBAL if you try any of these looks! I’d love to see them!



Summer of Wanderlust – Safari Look Book

Africa holds a very special place in my heart so I thought it fitting that we kick off our “Summer of Wanderlust” with a safari inspired fashion look book.

Each week, starting in June, through the end of August I will be featuring outfits inspired by different destinations around the globe. You may be traveling to one of them or be excited to recreate a look as part of your summer wardrobe.  Either way, I hope you enjoy them and I encourage you to have fun experimenting in your own closet.

I view fashion as a creative outlet and my love of color and pattern has been directly linked to my travel experiences.  These look books are a glimpse into my suitcase and I want to take you on the journey with me!

So here we go…..



{Shorts/Torrid, Blouse/INC International Concepts, Vest/Chico’s (Thrifted), Wedges/Thrifted, Hat/Bought on a cruise, Belt/JCPenny, Clutch/Cebu, Mixed bangles/ bought in India, Kenya & at thrift store, Necklace/Bought in India, Earrings/Handmade}




{Pants/Macy’s, Blouse/Made in Ghana (thrifted), Boots/Target, Hat/Left Bank L.A., Necklace/Anukah Accessories, Mixed Bangles/Made in India, Earrings/Thrifted}





{Jumpsuit/Torrid, Top/Macy’s, Wedges/Thrifted, Belt/Bag/Target, Hat/99 cents store, Bangles/Made in India, Earrings/Ventura Flea Market}




{Kaftan & Scarf/Africa Imports, Wedges/Thrifted, Bangles/Made in India, Earrings/Ventura Flea Market}


If you’d like to read about some of my adventures in Africa you can here and here. For a little African travel inspiration check out this and this.

If you recreate any of these looks I would absolutely love if you shared them with me.  Tag me on social media @iamsheglobal and #SummerofWanderlust!




The Grass Is Always Green

“The grass is always green where you water it.”

This green inspired outfit is perfect for celebrating Earth Day. In honor of preserving our planet, almost every piece in this look was purchased at the thrift store. Refashioning clothing items helps with waste, allows you to be creative with your style and the treasure hunt is tons of fun.







{Dress/Top/Handbag/Thrifted, Belt/Puma (worn backwards), Heels/Santee Alley, Bracelets/From Philippines, Necklace/Bought in China (worn doubled over)}


Spring Trends On A Budget


When I go thrift shopping I am instantly drawn to patterns and prints. This piece caught my eye with its combo of polka dots and flowers, perfect for Spring. I was rushing the day I bought this and didn’t try it on or look it over for flaws like I usually do before I purchase any thrifted item but it was $2 so I went for it!

When I got this home I realized it was a nightgown! Like a frumpy mumu, granny housecoat, complete with one pocket for your tissues!  I tried it on and as you’d want sleepwear to fit, it was loose and shapeless with a bow at the neckline.  I didn’t give up on it, instead I got creative!


Luckily, this nightgown has an elastic neckline so I thought, what would this look like if I pushed it off the shoulder? Pretty good! Then I thought, what if I add a belt and cinch this waist. Even better!  I tucked the bow at the neckline, added embroidered heels and colorful earrings I bought in Mexico and this nightgown became a dress, complete with current trend off the shoulders and floral prints.



I finished this look off with another thrifted item, this beaded clutch which looks like it was made for this outfit!



{Dress/clutch/Thrifted, Heels/Nine West, Earrings/Bought in Mexico, Belt/Borrowed from another dress I have}


Garden of Dreams

Spring is such a beautiful time of year.  It has been such a pleasure to bask in all the stunning flowering trees, in shades of pink, white, lavender and yellow.  Their flowers sprinkle the ground with nature’s confetti in celebration of the changing seasons.

Bold blooms that unfold from tiny buds, remind me that all growth starts from something small.  You plant the seed of an idea or dream, you nurture it, water it, give it light, all in hopes that it will grow. It is an act of loving something without any promise of reward.  You wait patiently as the foundation of roots are laid, deep below the earth, hidden from your sight.

To give a dream your all, day after day, month after month, year after year, not knowing when it will bloom is the ultimate surrender to the cycle of life and divine timing.  I’ve been tending the garden of my dreams for quite some time now and I can see the buds puncturing the earth, making their way to the glory of the sun.  Brilliant blooms are just around the corner!









{Blazer/Belt/Target, Blouse/Banana Republic, thrifted at Goodwill, Skirt/Bisou Bisou, thrifted at Salvation Army, Bag/Marshall’s, Ring/Made in Turkey, I bought it at a shop in Belize, Shoes/Alfani from Macy’s, Bracelet/Earrings/I’ve had them so long I forgot where they are from!}

Friday Fly Away – Zanzibar

I’m planning a major getaway for my 15 year wedding anniversary at the end of the year.  Back to Kenya for safari and ending in the paradise of Zanzibar, off the coast of Tanzania. Thought I’d share a bit of inspiration from my trip planning and immerse you in this beauty.

Photo credit: Mario Moreno on
Photo credit: Mario Moreno on
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Photo credit: Eric Lafforgue on Flickr
Photo credit: Eric Lafforgue on Flickr
Photo credit: safari-partners on Flickr
Photo credit: safari-partners on Flickr
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Friday Fly Away – Etosha National Park, Namibia

It has always called to me. Its mystery like a haunting breeze that beckons you its way. There’s something about its wind swept dunes, the arid landscape and the unspoiled panorama that calls to me. My feet will sink in its red earth one day. Until then, join me as we fly away this Friday to Etosha National Park in the heart of Namibia.

Photo credit: Mathilde Guillemot via
Photo credit: Mathilde Guillemot via
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Photo credit: Anja Denker
Photo credit: Anja Denker
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Friday Fly Away – Ranakpur Jain Temple

Today I want to take you somewhere I have actually laid foot.  On the drive from Jodhpur to Udaipur we traversed a beautiful green, tree filled, winding mountain road. Along this drive we made an unplanned stopped at the majestic Ranakpur Jain Temple.

Nestled in the embrace of nature, the temple is the most ornate and grand temple of the Jain religion in all of India. The interior houses 1400 carved marble columns, of which no two are the same. Walking through the temple is like getting lost in a glowing maze of details that stop you in your tracks with every step.  The perimeter of the temple houses various Gods in small niches, to which Jain visitors say prayers and give thanks.

If you ever find yourself in these same mountains, do stop and take in the magic of this sacred space.

Photo Credit: abmiller99 on Flickr
Photo Credit: abmiller99 on Flickr
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Photo Credit: Pinterest
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