The Grass Is Always Green

“The grass is always green where you water it.”

This green inspired outfit is perfect for celebrating Earth Day. In honor of preserving our planet, almost every piece in this look was purchased at the thrift store. Refashioning clothing items helps with waste, allows you to be creative with your style and the treasure hunt is tons of fun.


{Dress/Top/Handbag/Thrifted, Belt/Puma (worn backwards), Heels/Santee Alley, Bracelets/From Philippines, Necklace/Bought in China (worn doubled over)}


Sustainability is now a priority of the travel industry. We can plan the perfect vacation where you can also do good for the earth. Contact me to start the planning process.

4 thoughts on “The Grass Is Always Green

    1. Thanks so much Sarmistha! I love the color of these shoes too! How are you handling the heat in India. I think of it every time since I traveled there in May and know what it feels like!

  1. I am visiting from Joi’s site and I love this look on you, so I am going to browse around and come back to see more. Enjoy your Life!

    1. Thanks Neti!! I appreciate all your comments and you visiting from Joi’s site!

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