Indian Citrine

When you’re in India, in the middle of Summer and your dripping in sweat and you’d much rather be wearing no clothes at all, you look for the lightest, breeziest pants you can find and these were it!  I picked up a slew of these super comfy pants on the streets of Jaipur (tomorrow’s post will provide all the deets, so stay tuned) and this is my take on styling one of the pairs, with a twist of California cool.







{Pants/Bought In India, T-shirt/JCP, Shoes/Lola Shoetique, Short Necklace/Bought in China, Beaded Bangle/Claire’s, Blue Horn Bangle/Bought in India, Long Necklace & Earrings/IAMSHEGLOBAL}

4 thoughts on “Indian Citrine

  1. Love the color!!
    Great accessories too!

    1. Two things I rep hard, bright colors and tons of accessories! Glad you like it!

  2. Gorgeous colors ❤ Love those shoes!

    – Anna

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