Show Them The Way

How you dress is a form of design.  While in school for interior design, I learned your eyes will travel where they are lead and you show them the way with color, pattern and texture.

Mixing prints in fashion used to be SO intimidating to me until I realized the same tricks used for interiors could be used in an outfit.


At first glance, looking at the leopard print on this top and the psychedelic ikat print of the skirt, you wouldn’t think they’d go together. But by using the same color palette throughout from my earrings and necklaces (top of my body) to my bracelets (mid body) to my shoes (bottom), your eye seamlessly travels without anything being jarring as it all keeps within in the same colors.


I tried a plain brown belt and to be honest it didn’t add anything to the outfit, so for an additional layer of interest I went with a belt and bag that have a similar pattern and texture.


This simple trick of using like colors and textures or patterns throughout will always create a cohesive look. Above all, wear what makes you happy!


{Skirt/Alfani, Shoes/Nine West, Both Thrifted from Goodwill. Belt/Target, Bag/Buffalo Exchange, Shirt/Forever 21, Mixed Bangles from Kenya & India, Spike Necklace/ Sistas Jewelry, Other 2 necklaces/Santee Alley, Earrings /Thrifty Upenyu}

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2 thoughts on “Show Them The Way

  1. Love all the color and print mixing !

    1. Thank you so much! Two of my favorite things – color and pattern!!

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