Doors & Details of Rajasthan

I think part of the reason I keep returning to India is the detail in everything.  From the embroidery on a sari, the carving of the temples to the poms poms and paintings that adorn the trucks.  Daily mundane objects are turned into art at the hands of their creators and the magic is all in the details.

If India has taught me anything, it’s to stop and savor these details. Often, walking down a narrow street in Jodhpur or strolling through the fort in Jaisalmer, I’d find myself in complete awe of the beauty around me.  One my favorite examples of this, are the doors and windows.

Here is a selection of some of the doors and details that stopped me in my tracks on my latest visit to Rajasthan.

Jaisalmer Fort
A window or a mini door? You decide.
Doors at Vivanna Culture Hotel in Madawa.
Wood carving detail on doors.
Loved this lime green. Only time I saw this color. My kinda peeps.
Wrought iron windows. Jaisalmer Fort
Interior room doors at a haveli in Mandawa.
Painted exterior doors at Vivanna Culture Hotel in Mandawa.
Any guesses on what this door was for?
Carved flowers on wood doors.
Carved wood door and frame with metal detailing.
Doorway of my dreams. Metal and wood carved doors and doorway centered in a carved stone, hand painted alcove.  The tiny alcoves one either side of the doors were for lanterns. Could this get any more magical?  This is one of the havelis in Mandawa.
Modern doors in Mandawa.
We guessed what this tiny exterior door was for.  We thought maybe for shoes?  Any guesses?
Speechless at this door design.
Loved the softness of these colors and the unique hardware.
This is one of my favorite doors in Jodhpur. When I was taking a picture, the lady of the house popped her head out of the window to say hi. This is the entrance to her home.  I mean, could it get any more beautiful?
Door 3
A pop of pink in the blue city. Jodhpur, India
Door 5
Lavender walls in the Jaisalmer Fort.
Door 2
Color blocking.
Door 4
This is hands down my favorite door of all. I visit it each time I go to Jodhpur.  It takes my breath away. It is also an entrance to someone’s house.  Sigh….
Door 6
Sandstone & Sky. Jaisalmer Fort
Door 1
Part door, part billboard.
Enjoying the view from one the oldest, best preserved havelis in Jaisalmer.

Want to go explore the details of Rajasthan in person? Contact IAMSHEGLOBAL to start planning your journey to India.


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