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Cargo 11

Imagine traveling the world without ever having to leave the U.S.  Well stepping through the floral and lantern laden entrance of Cargo in Portland, Oregon is like taking a spin around the globe all under the roof of a huge 2 story industrial warehouse.  The challenge will be where to look first and what path to take through this treasure trove of global goods.

Every section is beautifully displayed, each shelf and table offering more to discover. Cargo sells handcrafted, curated items from every corner of the globe including Indonesia to Africa and beyond.

Cargo 6

They have a huge array of clothing, jewelry and accessories with kimonos, indigo pieces and a stunning array of vintage pieces from India & Afghanistan. It’s the perfect blend of new mixed with one of kind statement pieces.

Cargo 7
Cargo 9
Cargo 3

There is a vast offering of decorative items from puppets and masks to wall hangings as well as art supplies and cooking utensils. Each item an opportunity to bring another artisan’s culture and work into your life.

Cargo 5
Cargo 2

One of my favorite sections in the shop is the stationary and papers. A wall of vintage posters, brilliant papers for wrapping or art and the quirkiest, funniest selection of handmade cards you’ll find.

Cargo 8

I haven’t even touched the surface in mentioning all the textiles and furniture they have to offer. The basement is brimming with antique doors, cabinets and headboards to transform your space into a wanderlust inducing haven.

Cargo 1

Patty, the founder of Cargo has created the store of my dreams and I was lucky enough to tell her so on my last visit. It’s a visual treat, inspiring on so many levels and an amazing place to treat yourself or find the most unique gifts.

If you find yourself in Portland, go get your shopping passport stamped at the magnificent Cargo. Your wanderlusting heart will thank you. After your visit has inspired you to jump on a plane to explore world markets, contact me to take care of all the travel details!

Cargo 10

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