Handmade in Jamaica

I love to shop when I travel.  Exploring the local markets and quaint boutiques for authentic items is one of my favorite activities.  I love the hunt, learning the stories behind the items, meeting the artists who craft them and most of all being able to bring back a tangible part of a far off place. I find all kinds of treasures when I travel and in this section, “Travel Treasures”,  I will share with you my unique finds.

I have traveled to the Caribbean many times. Sometimes for a week’s stay on one island and other times island hopping on various cruises.  I love the Caribbean.  The azul waters, the swaying palm trees, the warm trade winds that feel like a lover’s embrace. The jovial energy, the jammin’ music, the vibrant, sun-kissed people of the islands, all make me love traveling to the Caribbean.

On a trip to Antigua I picked up these beautifully scented travel candles from Starfish Oils.  They are handmade in Jamaica, with yummy scents like Sweet Jamaica, Love and Tranquility, all of which take you instantly to a hammock on a Caribbean beach.  I purchased all three scents and I didn’t burn them for years.  I wanted them to last forever. I would open them and take a whiff and be transported to the islands.

Photo credit: www.flightcentre.com.au
Photo credit: http://www.flightcentre.com.au
Photo credit: Starfishoils.com
Sweet Jamaica Candle
Photo credit: Squidoo.com
Photo credit: Squidoo.com
Photo credit: Starfishoils.com
Love Candle
Photo credit: travelagentcentral.com
Photo credit: travelagentcentral.com


Photo Credit: Starfishoils.com
Tranquility Candle

I did eventually burn them and they smell wonderful.  The small sizes are great for traveling or for giving as gifts.  They are sold individually for $12.50 for the 8 oz size or they have a set of all three scents for $24.00.  You’ll find them for sale on different islands but if can’t make it there, you can order online at www.starfishoils.com and they will ship to you.





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