Sweet Scent Of The Season

Spring is upon us.  The light breeze carries the sweet scent of the season, the buds are bursting and the birds are singing.  The trees are changing, putting on their vibrant green Spring coats of leaves.  Beautiful barrels of flowers are being planted, sprinkling our neighborhood with dashes of peach, vibrant fushia and blazing yellow.  We are lucky to have an orange tree just outside our bedroom window and the heavenly aroma of the orange blossoms wafts into our room.

Living in California, we don’t get huge shifts in season but nature has a beautifully subtle way of showing us what’s afoot. My husband & I take late afternoon strolls through our neighborhood and it’s a wonderful way to connect with each other and our surroundings.  We very often stop to smell the roses or a rosemary bush or a cascade of jasmine and bask in nature’s perfume.

As we appreciate the plants and flowers near us, I am reminded of a trip we took to Costa Rica.  We stayed at the Tabacon Resort (I’ll be doing a separate post on that, as it was AMAZING and I want to share the details!).  The property has its own hot springs near the Arenal Volcano, which we visited everyday we were there.  I couldn’t believe the variety of flowers and plants at every turn.  Brilliant colors and wild shapes dotted the lush green landscape.  It’s a reminder that life is blooming anew at all times, throughout the world.  May this Spring blossom into something beautiful for you.

Tabacon Hot Springs, Arenal, Costa Rica
Tabacon Hot Springs, Arenal, Costa Rica














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