Sunrise On The Ganges

The moon was still out in the early morning hour that we made our way to the Ganges.


We boarded our small row boat and headed out on the water.


Many give thanks to the Ganges for all that if offers and we wanted to as well.  We purchased handmade bowls filled with marigolds and ghee candles, from women on the banks. I placed this offering of flowers and a candle in the sacred Ganges River as thanks for its beauty and blessings.


Many people were out on this early morning, bathing and cleaning clothes; partaking in the river’s refreshment before the day’s scorching weather arrived.


As we rowed across the placid waters, the evening sky gave way to a soft dusty pink.  This was the start of a kaleidoscope of color getting ready to paint the sky.

As I write this I am tearing at the memory of how beautiful this moment was.


The pink slowly gave way to delicate tangerines and grays.  We couldn’t take our eyes off the broad canvas of sky and water, as the color changes were gradually speeding up.


And then the sun peeked out from the horizon, creating a subtle rainbow of colors for a few fleeting moments.



Once the sun hits the horizon, it moves swiftly & purposefully into the sky. As it rises, it brings with it, endless possibility and promise.  It pushes its way higher to shower its rays of life on all beings below.


We weren’t the only ones taking in this glorious sight, but it felt like we were.


To have witnessed this sunrise, in this place, was one of the greatest memories of my life.  I am truly blessed to have been in such a sacred location to watch the brilliance and hope that comes with each new day.



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