Friday Fly Away – Tulip Time

For many years I have dreamed of traveling to Holland to gaze upon the millions of tulips that bloom each Spring.  To walk among the crimsons, violets and brilliant yellows of my favorite blooms would be magnificent.  I will go there one day and I’ll start with today.  Beautiful flowers abound this time of year, in every nook and cranny.  May their sweet scents and colorful charm surround you till we meet again next Friday.

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4 thoughts on “Friday Fly Away – Tulip Time

  1. Wonderful place to visit !

    1. It looks so stunning! I am not sure why I haven’t made it there yet as I’ve dreamed of it for years! It’s definitely on my must see list.

  2. Absolutely beautiful! When we lived in Amsterdam one of the highlight was a springtime trip to Keukenhof to totally immerse ourselves in flowers. It was glorious. Have a great weekend, Terri

    1. How wonderful to have lived there and been able to enjoy it for days! So beautiful!

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