Friday Fly Away – Pompeii

Today we are headed on a short train ride from Naples to the Ancient Roman city of Pompeii.  As we stroll the stone streets of this town, taking in the sturdy columns and brick archways that still stand today, we are in awe of this city created so many years ago.  We can imagine the aroma of fresh bread baking, laundry hanging to dry in the warmth of the sun and the bustling sounds of an active city that once filled, what is now a shell of a life once lived.  It’s an honor lay eyes on such a historic treasure, buried in 79 AD from the ash spewed from the violent eruption of Mount Vesuvius.  I am always grateful when pieces of history are protected so that generations can experience them.  It is one of the great gifts of travel to physically be in the presence of history.








Until we meet again next Friday, enjoy roaming this fascinating city and keep your eye on that mountain in the distance.  It can be wicked if it wants to. 


All photos in this post were taken by me in May 2011.

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