Outlaw’s Hut

As the weather transitions into Autumn, many are plucking the last bits of nature’s bounty from their gardens and canning the vegetables to be enjoyed in the Winter months.  I grew up making homemade jam from the fruit on my grandmother’s trees and my husband grew up in Romania where canned food items were a staple to survive the Winter.  All of this brings back memories of when we traveled to Romania and ate the best meal at a restaurant named, “Outaw’s Hut”.  They took canning, curing and cheese making to a level I had never seen.


The bottom floor of the building houses all the canned vegetables, curing meats, drying grapes and boulders of homemade cheese.  I was so impressed with the intricate carvings made in each jar, from Easter bunnies to bearded men to dualing deer.  The care and craft that went into each large jug was evident.  Beauty can be infused into all things with a care for detail.






After drooling over all the amazing food items we had a delicious meal in the restaurant upstairs.  The room was warm and inviting and meal was unforgettable.  I still dream of the dessert I had that day – a spongy donut type cake with fresh cream and a berry sauce.  Divine.

This was the appetizer plate at dinner.
This was the appetizer plate at dinner.

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