Friday Fly Away – Sedona

Today we are off to a place where endless natural beauty abounds, Sedona, Arizona.  Arizona is like my second home.  It’s where we visited our grandparents every Summer of our childhood, where we hung our stockings for Santa every Christmas and where my beloved grandparents left the earth.  As children, my dad and his sister would spend hot Summer weeks and snow kissed Winter days in Sedona, a few hours drive from their home in Phoenix.  Through the years, we have continued that tradition, visiting Sedona as kids, we would gleefully squeal going down Slide Rock, a naturally made smooth rock slide in the river and make angels in the snow as we gazed up at the Winter stars.

Sedona is a special place for many reasons.  The fall hued earth, the powerful rock formations, the stunning vistas, the babbling brooks.  Most of all it’s special to me because it holds family memories, generations in the making.  Until we meet again next Friday, enjoy the view.






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