Summer In The Jungle

The colors and patterns of the jungle are exotic, mysterious and wild. They embody the prowl of a panther and the brilliance of a parrot. The jungle holds secrets, of tribes, of animals, of nature.  It lures you in with its beauty and strikes when you aren’t looking. Some days, I’m inspired to be the bold bird and others, the slick snake. I like to think of myself as a fashion chameleon, always keeping you guessing, just as the jungles does.  



IMG_9905 IMG_9918 IMG_9926 IMG_9928

{Pants/Tunic/Style&Co @Macys, Shoes/AMI Club Wear, Clutch/Earrings/IAMSHEGLOBAL, Mixed Bangles/From India & Philippines, Ring/Bought in Kenya, Necklace/}

2 thoughts on “Summer In The Jungle

  1. That necklace is so amazing! It steals the show for me ❤ Beautiful colors in this outfit!

    – Anna

    1. Yeah the necklace is golden. It was made by an artist I met on Instagram.

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