Africa Always On My Mind

I have traveled to the continent of Africa four times and it has stolen my heart. Stepping on African earth awakens my spirit and warms my heart. While I live miles away from this land that holds an essence of my being, I connect to it through my fashion on a daily basis. Intricate patterns, bold fabrics, hand embroidery and beadwork are African details that I incorporate into my daily wardrobe. I respect the hands that create this art and the traditions that allow history to be shared with future generations. Forever in my heart, Africa, is always on my mind.










{Pants/Ross, African Top/Vintage, Sandals/Lola Shoetique, Mixed Bangles/Bought in Kenya & India, Hand painted Horn Ring/Bought in Kenya, Earrings/Claire’s, Bag/ Handmade in The Gambia}









5 thoughts on “Africa Always On My Mind

  1. Africa is such a sacred continent. Of course, you know how I feel about it too!!!! 🙂 Loving that top!

    1. Yes, it is! The Motherland. This top is a vintage piece my sister has had since high school and she recently gifted it to me! I love it!

  2. that bag is really amazing! love your sense of style

    1. Thanks so much! It is pretty unique and that’s why I love it! I’m glad you enjoy what I put together. I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts!

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