Globally Green

I picked up a bunch of these super comfy, wildly printed pants in India and though I don’t wear a lot of green, these were talking to me, so they are the first pair I took for a spin.  What goes better with a wild printed pant, more prints of course! I used green, black and white as the binding colors and went all out, layering prints and textures from around the globe.  I love to buy accessories when I travel and this outfit is a great representation of how they all come together to form a fashion family.  My bracelets are from Mali, West Africa, my shell ring, I picked up in Honduras, my pants and necklace I bought in India and my paper hat and printed sandals are from local U.S. stores but they add to the worldly vibe.

I once made a necklace with beads from over 20 countries and I called it “World Traveler”.  I wanted the necklace to feel as if it had traveled and collected bits and pieces from each destination.  That is also how I want my eclectic wardrobe to feel.  I want my fashion to tell you where I’ve been, reflect my wanderlust ways and spark a curiosity  in you to want to know more about the amazing world out there!





Pattern Party in the back!
Pattern Party in the back!




{Pants/Necklace/Bought in India, Bracelets/From Mali, West Africa, Ring/Bought in Honduras, Fringe Bag/Sandals/Marshall’s, Fedora/Tank/Target}

This is the "World Traveler" necklace I made and that continues to inspire me!
This is the “World Traveler” necklace I made that continues to inspire me!

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