Egyptian Lover

Egypt is one of the few countries in the world that I have traveled to more than once. It is a magical place for a multitude of reasons.  The chaos of Cairo, the serenity of the Nile, the aromas, the art and the landscapes are the lures this beautiful land has captured me with. This is a nod to a place that reminds me to stand as tall as a Pharaoh, where you can roam among ancient artifacts and bask in tangible history.  I am an Egyptian Lover. IMG_7533 IMG_0054 IMG_0043 IMG_7533 IMG_7513 IMG_7507 IMG_7490   IMG_7509 IMG_7531 IMG_7535 IMG_7488 IMG_0022 CIMG5823 CIMG5815

{Leggings/Forever 21 Plus, Top/Newport News, Vest/2b bebe, Sandals/Lola Shoetique, Bag/Belt/Target, Earrings/Cuff/Macy’s, Necklace/IAMSHEGLOBAL, Ring/Purchased in Egypt}

All photos of Egypt were taken by me in Luxor and Cairo, Jan 2010.

2 thoughts on “Egyptian Lover

  1. Rad leggings! Love that gold bag!

    – Anna

    1. Thanks Anna! I thought these leggings were pretty fresh too!

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