Speak Volumes

While some think fashion is a silly waste of time and money, what you wear and how you choose to present yourself to the world speaks volumes.  I’m a confident, adventurous, colorful woman. What I like, how I feel about myself, what inspires and influences me are all reflected in my wardrobe.

Spiritual teacher, Gabby Bernstein, said it best in an interview with Elle Magazine. “I see fashion as a way to share your authentic truth. It is not frivolous, it’s not mere decoration, fashion in the right hands, has a soul.  It’s a way to express ourselves and tell our stories.  And it’s not dependent on a label or price – it’s about how what you’re wearing makes you feel.  When you feel good in your clothes, the world picks up on your energy and what you feel is reflected back to you.  Fashion is a form of self love.”












{Leggings/Blouse/2B bebe, Jacket/Necklace/Macy’s, Booties/AMI Club Wear, Handbag/Hat/Thrifted, Earrings/Forever 21, Glasses/Claire’s}


7 thoughts on “Speak Volumes

      1. Oooooh!! I know THAT’S right!

  1. Those leggings are amazing! So rad!

    – Anna


  2. Such a fun and vibrant look! You’re rocking it girl!! xo~ Lena

    1. Thanks Lena! It is a lot of look but I couldn’t resist these wild leggings!

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